Pre-poured "Blank" Agar Petri-dishes

Brand - Spores Lab

Sold In quantities of 5

Do you want to explore working with agar for culture isolation or propagation, but don't have a lab to prepare agar in?

Spores Lab offers "blank" pre-poured and sealed Agar Petri Dishes which can be inoculated with the mushroom strain/specie of your choice!

These agar dishes are made using our tried and tested MYCO-PRO Agar Formula, sterilized, poured into a 100x15mm petri-dish, and sealed with Parafilm PM992 tape.


-5x Blank Agar Petri dishes (100x15mm)


-Leave agar Petri dishes in vacuum seal packaging until you are ready to use.
-Store in refrigerator until ready to use.
-Use within 3 months of receiving.


-MYCO-PRO Agar Formula (DME, Bacteriological Grade Agar, Insect Frass, Vegetable Peptones, Gypsum, Milled Rye Grains).
-Wrapped with Parafilm PM992 tape.
-Five 100x15mm Petri Dishes.