Beginner 5 Pack Set: 5 - 10cc syringe

Crypto Currency Sales Deal.

Any order over $99. & pay with any Crypto Currency That is traded on Coinbase.

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Will receive 5 Free syringes with order.
On top of any other sales at that time.

5 Pack -10cc syringes $65 & Free S/H

      10Pack -10cc syringes $99 & Free S/H

      15 Pack -10cc syringes $125 & Free S/H

  • - 10cc B+
  • - 10cc Golden Teacher
  • - 10cc Ecuador
  • - 10cc Mazapatec
  • - 10cc Cambodia


Spore syringes:

Spore syringes: should be stored in the refrigerator. They can last 6 months or longer in refrigerator.
Next best is a cool dark place.

All of our syringes are filled to order

Inoculation: Syringes
Quantity available: 100