Top Flight kine grade collectables

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Strain name : top flight

DMT pheno of Kauai electric (from big island genetics female )x molokai frost ibl( from good gear genetic male)


(Kauai electric x molokai frost) x (kauai electric x molokai frost or chang mai molokai frost or kauai electric x molokai snow or dmt x molokai frost)

If she is anything like her mom then mother dominating trait you will get a little DMT smoke smell of night blooming jasmine.

Promises to be a very great addition to any lover of artisan quality collectables to boost your collection.

The mother was a very nice mold resistant heavy rain fast drying fat finger size buds packed with resinous wonder. A great collectable for those who are tired of the main stream highs and want a rare gem in the rough.

Wild but controlled, top flight with its 5 possible male father's she really has a lot of verity and power to matter what you will be happy with the end of your collection.

Top flight she will stretch, her funk is attractive very strong genetics, DMT smoke is very pungent night blooming jasmine flowers mixed with the molokai frost sweet purple perfume. Not for the light weight definitely island kine grade with a very psychadelic mimic with bits of narco body, chem dog for folks who are tired of chem91 and the other dogs...

Perfect for places requiring something that isnt big a fat flowers. Thnk long fingers some fat... but they could just be the mother pheno in her medium... amazing for the collector who needs that extra special.

Designated to take the rain and not lose to much we still recommend you find a way to keep her dry in the rain because she stacks resin so her kids probably will to...

Mother finished fast. 60 days in moderate sun. But expect varying times because of the variety of males. All hawaiian heirloom or other heirloom genetics .

Please only use organic practices with your collection maintenance, it's how her mom was maintained.

Expect variations if you alter medium from soil x peat x coco x perlite... and she will change with your own collectable maintenance regiments but she should remain collectable and you might be a le to bring her to a new level of collectability. Loves straight soil... and love microbe diversity.

All first time buyers get a link to a book on how to make her kine collectable.

Please stay in accordance with local laws, these are collectables and we hold no accountability for what you do with your soviner once they become collectables.

Pics are various buds dried and growing of her. She was defoliated...early...

When other strains just aren't enough to get you there come check out kine grade collectables. Kine grade is always doing the best to bring functional life back to long lasting organic highs... Kine grade collectables "always getting you there!"

Varietal type: Heirloom
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Moderate
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 10