Razdol'ye Village, Kemerovo (Siberia)

From the Siberian village, Razdol'ye “Раздолье” near Kemerovo city comes this Ruderalis (Autoflowering) variety. These plants throw huge airy flowers that are immensely covered with sugar leaves. This village is covered in snow for 6 months and the temperatures remain below the freezing point. The snow melts in mid April and starts setting again in mid October. Mostly people here manage livestock, poultry, vegetables and cereals native to this region. The plants from this area require less water and nutrients. Regular large
feedings and overwatering might damage the plant.

Native temperature: 5°c to 24°c (summer) -28°c to -11°c (winters)

Flowering Time 8-10 weeks

Plant: This is a narrow leaf drug variety ruderalis, with comparatively fast flowering males under any light period.
These plants give out fragrances of cardamom, cookie dough, tangerine and coffee overtones.
These plants are generally 3 to 10 feet tall depending
upon the phenotype.

Final product by local farmer: Big airy buds with a citric, cardamom and tangerine flavour. People have also been documented extracting in this region.

15 Seeds in each pack..

Varietal type: Landrace
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: Auto-Flowering
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 25