DANGER ZONE! not for noobs is a hawaiian landrace mix with a dominant kauai electiric. using bigisland genetics garden snow kauai electric ibl and good gears molokai frost... you get DANGER ZONE!

5 collectables 55$ + S&H

it has a great functional effect for most and lots of tricromes, with a nice variation on something tropical usually. why is it called danger zone because she is a very hard grow for the outdoor no greenhouse jungle because there is a risk of herm while the seeds are regs from legit males the mothers did herm i little during a week long strom but hadthe best blunt herm flower and was able to cut n get fat and stinky before the pollen pods opened nice yeilds early was the experence. but the high and effect well worth the need for a full green house and babying. what your in the zonk and its 6pm but you still need to go on... DANGER ZONE! is a great pick up out of the zonk.
the molokai snow is a special but sensative plant and she does get boytridis just letting you kow she is more then likely 25% molokai snow but the addition to the high is worth it.

as always with flower for me i say cut when you feel you need to but around 8 weeks is the norm depending on light but expect a few to finish sooner or later then 8 weeks. i cut early with a great short season yeild.

straight soil is probably her favorite. enjoyable phenos and highs you would wish you kept a mother.

limited supply. you pay shipping. message if your intrested comes with grow book pdf....

Varietal type: Heirloom
Gender: Reg.
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Moderate
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 10