Hubbabubbasmelloscope x Sundae Driver (F2)

This is F2 seed stock of autoflowering expressions of the Auto x Photo cross:

Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Fem. Auto Mephisto Genetics)
Sundae Driver - (S1 Male Photo Cannarado)

Project History:

Sundae Driver (S1) Photo.

2019 a LP startup I worked for in Cassidy, BC was doing a 600 seed hunt. Among the seeds purchased were Cannarado's S1 release of "Sundae Driver".

Originally sold as S1 "♀s", us and several other cultivators who purchased this seed stock began seeing ♂s. Some people saw no ♂s in one or more packs. Those who found true ♂s in these S1 "♀s" were disconcerted; the listing had claimed "♀s" and others like us had found two or more ♂s in multiple packs. Speculation began that accidental cross pollination had occurred at Cannarado's breeder's facility; that some other ♂'s pollen had entered the flowering space. Cannarado denied these rumours.

A basic tenet of breeding is like begets like. It is common when working complex polyhybrids bred from cuts known for their intersexual trait expression* that predominantly ♀ sexual expression in S1 (Selfed) seed stock is not assured. From such lineages, one is likely to find ♀s with intersex traits, as well as true hermaphrodites and ♂s.

*For example, the Cherry Pie in Sundae Driver:

It is unclear whether these ♂ expressions found from Sundae Driver (S1 - Cannarado) packs are descendants of mystery ♂ pollen donors, or simply ♂ expressions from a seed stock bred from sexually unstable progenitors.

From these two packs we saw three ♂: #1, #2, #7.

In September of 2019 one vial of each ♂'s pollen (3), and one vial of equal-portions mixed pollen (1) sold for $400 US as a combined single listing. Here are the notes from that original listing:

"The #7 is really what's special here. It's puke. That's it. You stem rub it, and vomit. Ripe, bile-filled, fresh acidic puke on a 120F sidewalk.

The #2 is sweet smelling; vanilla ice cream with a hint of lemon gumdrop.

The #1 is a fruity-sweet funk under a classic OG nose."

Hubbabubbasmelloscope ♀ Auto
by Mephisto Genetics

Winter 2019 I started 18+ Hubbabubbasmelloscope ♀ auto seeds and selected 7 Bubblegum phenotypes to pollinate with equal portions mixed pollen of Sundae Driver ♂s #1, 2, 7.

2ND Filial Generation
Winter 2020 I started 30 seeds of the F1 Auto x Photo cross:
Hubbabubbasmelloscope ♀Auto x Sundae Driver ♂ Photo.

Sown in Aries preceding full moon Nov. 30. Seedling emergence (30/30) occurred in concert with full moon.

100% of the F1 seeds expressed day-neutral trait dominance. These F1 autoflowering expressions were interbred using 20 of the choicest females and 2 vigorous males. Pollen was collected individually from each male, mixed in equal portions, then applied mixed to each female by brush to ensure even pollination among the crop from each male progenitor.

After initial seed set, the two males were re-introduced to the flowering space to continue with open-pollination until they withered and died shortly after D90 from seed.

Male #1 - Vigorous and produced 300% pollen quantity of #2 male throughout its life span.

Male #2 - Developed profuse trichomes; pure bubblegum. Expressed intersex traits (stigmas at apical meristem) in final days of flower. Self-pollinated and yielded ~10 seeds. (These 10 seeds are not available for sale.)

Current seed stock is in the hands of three reliable testers. As well, I started 200+ of this seed during the full moon in June, to work forward to F3, and to provide pollen for two planned crosses.

Autoflowering / Day-neutral
-F1 were 100% autoflowering (30 seeds indoors under 20/4) and the tested F2 (216+ seeds outdoors under 16-hour days) are also 100% autoflowering.

Growth Habits
-Observed in SOG using 2gal pots (soil+organic)
-Two morphological phenotypes;
-One slightly taller (18"-22") with more lateral branching,
-The other shorter and with thicker larger colas, but shorter lateral branching.
-The taller pheno is consistently 40-50% taller.

Terpene Expressions
-The expected terpene phenotypes are present:
-1/2 Vanilla Ice Cream
-1/4 Pure Bubblegum
-1/4 Bile, Fresh Vomit

PM: 30-40% of 20 females
Bud Rot: 4 of 20 females
Conditions: 50-85% RH / 58 - 92 F (24hrs)

-Powdery mildew began in spots on 30-40% of population during final days (week+) of flower; D80-D90. Powdery mildew susceptible.

-Botrytis bud rot began in apical colas of the two densest (morphological) phenotypes, and in apical colas of three of the taller phenotypes.

Cultivation of this seed stock is only recommended in controlled environments (<45% RH). Not reliable outdoors in humid environments.

Moderate Consumption (<0.5g):
-Appetite stimulant
-Improves focus
-Calms mind
-Relaxes body
-Interest in play

Increased Consumption (>3.0g):
-Dry throat
-Mental fatigue
-Speech difficulty

-Oily/greasy capitate-stalked trichomes

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: Auto-Flowering
Yield: Moderate
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Cherry Pie
Ruderalis cultivars: Other
Quantity available: 1000