South Florida OG IBL breeder cut

South Florida OG IBL breeder cut

Lineage: Tampa Crippie X Pakistani “Blue” Kush landrace

Flowering: 68-69 Days

Height: Medium-Tall

Stretch: 2.5x’s at 12/12

Yield: 1.5-1.7lbs/ KW

Some pictures of South Florida OG we’re grown by us, some are South Florida OG grown by Midnight. We thank him for the pictures, of the South Florida OG he grew.

We want to start off by saying that our South Florida OG, is NOT the same as Triangle Kush. Also known as Angle and in recent years Triangle Kush has been nicknamed “Florida OG”. These strains are NOT the same strains, as Triangle Kush came quite a few years before South Florida OG.

The owner of our company, made South Florida OG in ‘98. Again it’s NOT Triangle Kush.

Aside from semantics, South Florida OG aka SoFLo OG is an absolute powerhouse strain. She’s a mix, from the 90’s, that’s Tampa Crippie crossed to Pakistani “Blue” Kush landrace. This Paki is somewhat like Tom Hill’s Paki. This cross was started by the owner of our company in the later part of the 90’s.

This plant clearly started as an F1, but in the F2 pheno hunt, there were several astonishing phenos that still provided plenty of diversity while also staying more so true to the mothers side of the parentage than the F1’s. From the F2’s the owner ran so many phenos of his later to become our company‘s flagship strain, that he found the pheno that leaned heavily to the mother but still provided a grounding from the father. This was originally dubbed the keeper as the owner went into the Inbred Line (IBL) over the next twenty years.

Fast forward to present day, we are now releasing our breeder cutting of South Florida OG IBL.

The plant is a proper “OG” with strong vigor, rather decent node gaps during veg about .6-.7” node gaps, several main branches all striving to be the main in veg (topping and SCROG advised), that stretch about at 2.5x’s at the onset of flower. Highly recommended to stake and support the branches or SCROG because support will be necessary. Branches will break if they are not supported.

She’s done by 68 days although 69 days will bring out all of her flavors. She’s not a shy yield, as long as she’s given plenty of light, plenty of root space (works very well in organic soil as well as hydro), topped and supported. Cleaning up the bottoms is a must. So her energy is redirected into the tops. She gains a proper density as well. Great leaf to flower ratio.

South Florida OG IBL breeder cut has a strong smell of fuel, aniseed, moss, pine and an earthy lime. She starts out as a strong medicated, slightly goofy sluggish feeling, that turns into a mental “lets get this done” effect, functional awake that then evolves into a slower, happy, somewhat sleepy feeling at the very tail end.

This has been and always will be our mainstay strain. This is NOT Triangle Kush, just to state that again. Triangle Kush in recent years has been nicknamed “Florida OG” so there is some confusion between our South Florida OG and Triangle Kush. They are two different strains.

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 14