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Afghani #1 Regular is the quintessential indica: robust, fast-growing and packed with buds. Small doses are enough for a maximum relaxing effect. Even novices cant go wrong with this cannabis strain - although that shouldnt put off experienced growers, of course. If youre looking for a resinous strain with plentiful yields, this is it.Cannabis indica may be named after India, but the best examples of these dark, ultra-resinous genotypes grow in the mountains of Afghanistan. Fans call these strains Afghanica or Hash Plant. As the name suggests, they form the basis of high-quality hashish (Charas). Fortunately, theres no need to travel half-way around the world to get hold of it now. Simply order a few Afghani #1 Regular cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds. Afghani #1 Regular growth patternThe best parent plants of our Afghan strains have been distilled into a single seed strain that delivers prime examples of the indica genotype every time. Growers seeking a fast-growing indoor strain with plentiful yields and formidable resin production will love these seeds. Whether you want consistent harvests from seed or pure indica mother plants for clones, Afghani #1 Regular is the perfect solution!You can expect robust, medium-sized plants with strong branches and lush foliage. Give them at least eight weeks to grow. The flowering phase lasts around seven to nine weeks. Growth is limited, as is typical of indica. You can expect your plants to more or less double in size. When the resin-covered buds and pistils gradually turn from white to orange, you will know that it is time to harvest. The entire main stem of the plant will have changed into a single, resin-covered flower cluster. The smaller buds on the lower parts of the plant will boost your yield, so make sure you pluck them as well. You can look forward to large, compact, heavy buds that retain their weight even after drying. To increase your yield even further, you could try a Sea of Green (SOG).Afghani #1 Regular is very easy to grow, but you should remember that this strain is designed for indoor cultivation. These plants will only thrive outside in a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers.Effect, flavour and smell of Afghani #1 RegularBecause Afghani #1 has a long-lasting effect, it is particularly suitable for a chilled-out evening on the sofa. The narcotic stone effect should not be underestimated. Novices may find it soporific. For other users, the combination of a deep sense of relaxation and mental wellbeing will feel like a holiday. Make sure you have a few snacks to hand.The traditional aroma of this strain, comprising earthy tones and light notes of fruits and pepper, will transport old-school cannabis users back to their first hashish experiences. Did you know?Afghan indicas paved the way for the success of modern-day cannabis cultivation. Many of the hybrid strains that dominate the market today owe their growth structure, resin production and fast flowering to the Afghan strains. In addition to these regular seeds, Afghani #1 is also available as Afghani #1 Automatic and Afghani #1 Feminized.

Varietal type: Heirloom
Gender: Regular
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 20