Northern Lights Feminized Seeds by White Label Sensi Seeds

White Labels Northern Lights Feminized is indica-dominant. This really comes out in the high; a total-body stone which inspires relaxation and creativity. The plants are short enough to be cultivated discreetly, and dont produce much scent while growing. They have a short flowering time, and generally generate bumper yields. Growth pattern of Northern Lights FeminizedNorthern Lights Feminized cannabis seeds are 90% indica and 10% sativa. The plants they produce are typically indica in stature; compact, bushy and broad-leaved. The indica dominance can also be detected in the high, which is relaxing and serene. Thanks to the genetics being back-crossed with the original Afghani plant, the strain is swift to flower, and produces plentiful resinous buds. This version of the strain is feminized, which means its very unlikely to produce any male plants. This ensures that cultivation is exceptionally straight-forward. The plants also have a short flowering time, of just 45 to 55 days. As such, its a popular strain with growers that want to generate multiple harvests each year, or who just want quick results. Like most indica-dominant strains, Northern Lights Feminized plants are short in stature. Average plants tend to grow to around 100 to 120 cm, particularly when grown indoors (though on occasion, they can grow as tall as 160 cm). Outside, theyre likely to grow taller, with some reaching 180 to 220 cm. The plants are very indica in appearance, with a compact, stocky structure. Theyll typically have plenty of branches and are bushy, with broad leaves. The buds are large and solid, and towards the end of the flowering period, are covered in sticky resin. Northern Lights Feminizeds yields are particularly impressive; another major draw of this strain. Indoors, its not uncommon for growers to harvest around 500-550 grams per square metre. Outside, the yield is no less sizeable, with a single plant often producing around 575 to 625 grams. Mediterranean climates are ideal for Northern Lights Feminized, as it grows well in warm, sunny countries that have reliably long summers. The plants can also be grown inside all year round, or in a greenhouse. They are well suited to a variety of different training systems. SOG (Sea of Green) and SCROG (Screen of Green) are both effective, as are lollipopping and supercropping. Effect, taste, and smell of Northern Lights FeminizedThis strain is 90% indica, and users report a typically indica high upon consumption. Like many indica-dominant variants, the stone is heady, relaxing and intense, with some claiming to feel more creative or thoughtful while experiencing it. White Label Northern Lights Feminized doesnt produce much odour while growing. This is a big advantage for those that want to cultivate it discreetly, or who dont want the scent to overpower their home. The plants have a subtle earthy, spicy smell, which doesnt really strengthen until after the buds are harvested. The prepared buds have a more noticeable aroma, with hints of fruit and pine, as well as the original tangy earthiness. After tasting, users claim that the strain has a definite hint of lemon, with a pleasant hit of sweetness too. Did you know? Northern Lights has been referenced in several songs around the world (particularly in rap lyrics).Northern Lights Feminized plants thrive when grown with higher levels of nitrogen. It comes in one other variant; Northern Lights Automatic by White LabelIts a low-odour producing strain, which is ideal for those growing it indoors, or who want to cultivate it discreetly.

Varietal type: Self-pollinated
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 20