Skunk #1 Feminized Seeds Sensi Seeds

This exclusively female Skunk #1 variety combines the energetic high of a sativa with the relaxed stone effect of an indica. The experience is rounded off with its skunky flavour earthy and sweet at the same time. The uniformly growing plants are highly robust.Skunk #1 Feminized growth patternOften imitated, never duplicated: Skunk #1 set the bar so high that it still serves as the benchmark in terms of uniform and reliable performance. The DNA of this hybrid comprises 35% sativa and 65% indica genes.Skunk #1 Feminized from Sensi Seeds is incredibly uniform when grown from seeds, with plants displaying a consistent structure and regular flower clusters time and time again. After 30 years of experience with this strain, we can honestly say that its the finest example of feminized Skunk #1 we have ever seen. Although most skunk plants gain more height than pure indicas, the indica genes clearly dominate in the growth and flowering stage. Flowering is both rapid and rewarding thanks to the robust stems and branches. Look carefully, and youll see a subtle sativa effect in the bud structure.Skunk #1 Feminized can be grown outside in moderate climatic zones with normal summers. This strain also flourishes magnificently indoor under lamps. Whether Sea of Green (SOG), Screen of Green (SCROG), Supercropping or Lollipopping: because Skunk #1 is very robust, even growers with limited experience can give these cultivation methods a go.Effect, flavour and smell of Skunk #1 FeminizedMany users think the name Skunk is a generic term for strong weed. While thats not quite true, its of course no secret that our Skunk #1 packs quite a punch. The power of the hybrid becomes clear in the effect: the journey begins with an energetic high characterised by clarity of thought and great creativity. This is followed by a pleasant sense of weightiness where every muscle fibre in the body appears to relax. Skunk #1 Feminized tastes like the ultimate old-school Skunk. The earthy undertones are complemented by a sweet flavour that wonderfully rounds off the entire composition.Did you know?Our Skunk #1 family has earned us a raft of awards, which were hugely proud of. The legendary status of skunk is praised in many hip hop lyrics. But skunk isnt just about rap. Perhaps youve heard of the British rock band Skunk Anansie and their charismatic front woman Skin?In addition to these feminized seeds, Skunk #1 Feminized is also available as Skunk #1 Regular, Skunk #1 Automatic from Sensi Seeds and as Skunk #1 Feminized and Skunk #1 Automatic from White Label.

Varietal type: Self-pollinated
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 20