Grodan Gro-Block Improved GR32, Hugo, 6 x 6 x 5.8, 512 Blocks Loose on Pallet

Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic MH (CMH) Fixture utilizes cutting-edge Light Emitting Ceramic Metal Halide (MH) technology. Ceramic Metal Halide, or CMH for short (some refer to it as CDM) lamps have a very broad light spectrum which is more similar to the sun itself than any other form of HID lamp. Suitable for 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps Only. Comes standard with 120V & 240V plugs. Lamps sold separately.

Wattage: 315W

Input Voltage: 120-240V

Amperage: 1.43-2.89A

Power Factor: >0.95

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

Prism Lighting Science Ceramic Metal Halid Ballasts are designed to run 315W CMH lamps safely and effectively. The CMH lamps also have increased efficiency in PAR/Watt compared to other forms of HID lighting. The CMH fixture can be used as a primary veg light or a supplemental full spectrum light.

Make sure to grab a pair, or box, of your protective eyewear!

The Grow Crew recommends using the Summer Blues Optics

title=Summer Blues Optics - MH/CMH Safety Glasses>MH/CMH REVERT

for this fixture/lamp type.