CenturionPro Mini Trimmer Trimming Machine

The CenturionPro Mini Trimmer Is A Powerhouse In A Small Package

Don't let it's size fool you - the Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer packs a serious punch. Weighing only 65lbs and sitting at 25 x 10 x 24, this trimmer is built for medium sized operations. It is one of the most sought after trimming machines in the industry, and regardless of it's name, can drastically speed up your harvest. Stop wasting days to weeks trimming your bud by hand. If you have a medium sized hobby grow or small scale commercial grow, the CenturionPro Mini will get the job done fast and get you back to doing the things you enjoy.
The CenturionPro Mini Trimmer comes standard with a dual-purpose hybrid tumbler for trimming both wet and dry.
What's Included?

Mini Trimming Machine
Standard Electropolished or Upgraded Quantanium Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler
1.5HP Leaf Collector
Triple Bag Collection System