CenturionPro Original Trimmer

The CenturionPro Original Trimmer - Where It All Began

This is where it all began for CenturionPro - with the Original Trimming Machine. The CenturionPro Original Trimmer is widely considered one of the best commercial trimming machines in the industry. Stop wasting days to weeks trimming your bud by hand. The CenturionPro Original will replace an entire trimming crew of 25 people, saving you tons of hassle, wages, inefficiency, risk and more.
The CenturionPro Original Trimmer comes standard with a set of dual-purpose hybrid tumblers for trimming both wet and dry.

What's Included?

Gladiator Trimming Machine
Standard Electropolished or Upgraded Quantanium Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler
3HP Leaf Collector
Triple Bag Collection System