Complete Tent/ 2 x Complete Cdm Lights, Fan, Filter, Relay Timer

BudBox Lite 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m Grow Tent, Hardly Used, Complete With 2 x Maxibright, Digilight Daylight, Remote, 315w Cdm/Cmh Ballasts, 4 Weeks use Only Matched Up To The Absolute Best Reflectors, Adjust A Wing, Medium Enforcers, Each Reflector Gives a Light Footprint Of 1.75m x 1.45m, Each Ballast Only Consumes 329 Watts of Power Yet Are Far Superior To a 600w Hps In Every Way, Each Light Has A 930 Elite Agro Flower Bulb Included. 1200w Twin Socket Relay, RVK L1 200mm Inline Fan Matched To a Rhino Pro 200mm x 600mm Carbon Filter Via A Fast Clamp, 3 x Meters Of Combi Ducting, 24 Hour Graslin Segmental Timer And an Ecotechnics Powerstar, Power Lighting Contactor/Timer 2 Way - (2Kw) Eco Technics

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Condition: Used