Breeder: NIGHT OWL

Strain: Mangos n' Chem (Chem City Purps (Chem City Blues Purple Pheno) x Mango Isle)

Bean Count: 3 Auto Fems

Open Pack: No

Description: "Chem City Purps is the purple pheno of Chem City Blues (Auto Blues x Chemdogging) from Mephisto. When I was in Spain with Meph in 2015 I made and sent out Christmas cards with Chem City Purps seeds. They almost all got crushed in seed sorters since I just put them in with the cards, no packaging. I thought these would be appropriate to send out 6 years later, with proper packaging .

Chem City Blues was an old favorite of mine. She can put out some amazingly off putting yet intoxicating old school smells and has a really heavy, sedative effect. She is a medium/large producer and while the buds don’t have the same visual appeal as some modern hybrids, the smoke more than makes up for that.

The Mango Isle reversal was a beast, one of the largest plants I’ve grown in recent memory. Branching and bud sites galore, an incredible Mango Zamaldelica smell, denser flower clusters than pure Zamaldelica, along with greater resin coverage spread out to the fans and stems."

All beans I post are from my personal stock. Meaning they were bought at one point or another based on my personal want. I have a very small home grow setup and can only run 1-4 plants at a time. Some genetics/packs I have taken beans from, and many other packs I never got around to popping. I am not here to scam anyone and the beans you receive are exactly what they say they are on the breeder's pack, regardless if I broke the pack's seal or not. I only buy genetics directly from the source (breeder) or reputable seed banks.

All packs/beans are stored in original packaging, within an air and light sealed mason jar, added desiccant packs to regulate moisture levels. Mason jars are then stored in a refrigerator and only handled when propagating or shipping from sale. I take this process very seriously so genetics can stay as viable and 'fresh' for many many years. Genetics are NOT CHEAP, so don't skimp on your storage process!

I will always try to throw in 1-8 bean FREEBIE packs and will always try to base the freebie on what sex/type of genetics purchased. (ie. reg for reg, fem for fem, auto for auto). Freebies are fcfs but I should always have enough to throw something in.

Shipping is a flat rate of $8 via USPS.

Geeked out gnome not included...

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Feminized / Female
Flowering: Auto-Flowering
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 1