Chimera #3 AUTHENTIC BeLeaf

Chimera #3

Received by A reputable source and good people. It was a buy in between good online friends.

White Truffle x The Creature
BeLeaf's $10k breeder cut.

DO NOT miss your opportunity to be AHEAD of the trends. Chimera is going to be making a lot of noise later this year, early next year. DO NOT MISS THE BOAT!!

Chimera #3 has a crazy Terp profile of Orange Tic Tags, Salted Caramel, Butterscotch & Port Wine... INSANE terps! Plus legitimately an unnatural amount of trichome density.

Background on the genetics that make up the cross
BeLeaf describes "The Creature" as a strain that produces MONSTER size buds with an insane amount of trichomes! She has a signature tropical fruit, nectarine, peach, and nail salon terp profile. She's also known to foxtail a little (in a good way). Genetic fox tails, not caused by heat or stress, but the genetic itself. It's also great for hash makers as she washes around 5%. The seeds that "The Creature" was found from were bred by Beleaf. So it's an exclusive strain. The exact genetics are unknown. However, "The Creature" was the #1 selection found out of a massive 1200 seed pheno hunt.

White Truffle is arguably the find that really helped BeLeaf gain a lot of the followers and notoriety he's known for. When it was first released for $10k she spread like WILDFIRE!! This new cross really filled in what IMO White Truffle was missing... Terps! BeLeaf took this massive yielding Terp monster and crossed it with his super frosty great yielding White Truffle to make this INSANE cross that is undeniably gonna be the most photogenic strain on your menu

It has been tested before mothered out and will be tested 2x more before she gets mailed out. This is a customs order and not many are available and will not be made available for much longer.

We take pride in preserving genetics and others can do as they please, but we will not be putting her to stroll the streets so to speak.

I am lowering the cost to market here on strainly, but we will not be playing price wars, this is an authentic cut and anyone who has it isn’t going to let it go for less than she deserves. It’s a pity when people gets their hands on a breeder’s hard work and just to undercut folks they cheapen the hard work put into creating and preserving. I will make it more available with lowering your cost, but keeping sales at minimum then she goes back into the vault.

$50 express 1-2 days shipping once created.

Payment Options: Cash App or Paypal

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: <60 days
Yield: High
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 3