Flippin da Bird F1 Mutant Project

(GMO x Wedding Cake x Blue MAC) Middle Finger Mutant Pheno [Sun Grown Genetics] x Middle Finger Male *possibly Blackberry Spacewreck

To start, the female from Sun Grown turned out amazing, especially being grown indoors when Sun Grown Genetics' offerings are produced predominantly outdoors. No issues with hermaphrodism, quite a stable line! This particular girl had a mutation that I've came across a few times before, where her fan leaves grow like a normal leaf but with an extra finger growing on top of the others in the middle. A few hooks in the normal fingers were noted too. Potency, terps and appearance were all 9/10.

The male precariously showed the identical mutation. I had started a bunch of different strains that were sown directly in cups of soil that never came up so not thinking I reused the soil from said cups. In a couple plants that the soil was reused in had sprouts that came up from seeds that were apparently dormant. I can't say 100% for sure that this particular one was Snow High's Blacberry Spacewreck but its scent and stickiness from stem rubs suggested so. Other strains it possibly could have been include Grahan Himalayan Landrace, Gelato 33 or Blueberry LSD x Manshera Pakistani Wild Landrace.

This is an F1 initial test cross so the variables are high but this line may have some intriguing leaf mutations somewhere. Nonetheless, this line will be full of flavor and power!

Varietal type: Hybrid
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 60 - 70 days
Yield: Medium
Height: Medium
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Wedding Cake
Quantity available: 30