Black Venom OG

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Black Venom OG

Firstly Effect like a freightrain for the brain, cerebral magic, brightens the day to where your squinting its so bright, wakes you up and bakes you out. Very Ocular. Selections are all selected to this and to more of a sit you down and evaluate your life introspective STONE. Every selection has extensive expansion qualities and most are quite resinous, bag appeal is included, FIRE RED HAIR and ORANGE HAIR. Yield is above average. Flower time in these selections will be maximum 10wks bloom and many finishing even earlier down to 56 days, almost exclusively selected to the AFGHANI dominant true Skunk expressions and the line itself lends to this, A good part of me believes this line is derived from the Skunk#18.2 Afghani Torture Trials. 

This line holds in the best of them, all LIVE Skunk animal looks, Skunks Den, Pack Of Skunk scents. Black rubber strong, No Death or Decaying flesh funk. Fresh spray and live end skunk. There is some nice meaty and gamey funks.

Varietal type: Landrace
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: High
Height: Tall
Indoor / Outdoor:
Hybrid cultivars: Black Jack
Indica cultivars: Super Skunk
Quantity available: 345