Maruf Green ( DurandLine Project ) 2020

These are original Maruf Green packs from the 2020 durandline project

10 seeds per pack.

The Green selection from Maruf in Kandahar, features a lime green plant with some subtle fade on the leaves. The green selection has a perfect bud structure, which is conical in shape with a lucrative bract to leaf ratio from commercial stand, the Buds are covered in a dense layer of dry to semi-sticky textured resin.

Although a beautiful looking plant with XX yields, it did take some damage on the leaves during the cold snap but saving the real prize i.e. a deeply offensive smelling and equally potent resin.

The plant structure was quite similar to most other plants within the population which is an upright and robust structure with a girthy and elongated stalk but with tad bit of less side branching and overall height. The smells once again take an acrid tangent and are mainly built upon subtle layers of lemon/citrus, spices and sharp Phenol based smells that leans more towards toluene (which constitutes 15% of the smell in petrol) hence smells a lot like petrol (fuel).

Varietal type: Landrace
Gender: Regular
Flowering: 70 - 80 days
Yield: High
Indoor / Outdoor:
Quantity available: 2