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Mainely organics


Small batch medical caregiver with soon to open store front. Small scale mom and pop style specializing in craft exotics.. I myself found this passion through being a medical patient and hoping to help others find the life changing relif this plant has offered me. I'm also a father of 4 and husband to a wonderful wife who has believed in my dream from the start! I now with her help get to live that dream and do what I love all day every day while helping so many in the process! We run 2 zero waist no till Labs that have been built with zero corners cut using the best of the best equipment and materials allowing us to cultivate some truly clean truly organic craft medicine. We love what we do and most importantly love the relief our meds give so many. We are here to expand our genetic library and to connect with other like minded growers. Much love and respect all!

I have recently decided to dip into our seed vault allowing other growers the opportunity to grab stuff from our collection that we just unfortunately won't ever have the time to grow. It will allow us to focus on a sellect few making our process of selecting our next full room hunts much easier. Lol. I hope some of you can find joy in these packs. I know they are all full of otherwise we wouldn't have them.

Testing the waters on letting our cuts out bs just local.

First off our ipm plan as this is so very important.

Regalia once per week.
Bontaniguard 22wp foiler and Drench once Biweekly in rotation with pure crop 1
We also employ a large army of bennificial insects so don't be alarmed if a Hypoaspis miles ends up coming along for the ride those guys are just all over lol.

We do a full root and foiler dip before sending off any of these gals.
EVERY clone taken is taken with a sterilized scapula We NEVER cut from more then one plant with the same tool and all surfaces/ trays are fully sanitized between uses. We keep all cultivars seperate and in there own trays. We are currently using Hort cubes and with great sucess.

We offer snips of any rooted listing amd we send 3 snips for the price of a single rooted.

We send FREEBIE snips/ clones with every order regardless of size

We ask for 20$ to cover shipping on all clone orders seeds ship free.

Any more questions please feel free to ask

Rooted list updated 9/16/2021
300$ list
Space runtz tiki cut 300
Oreoz maxyield / 3rd coast cut

150$ list
High mac 1 & 21 M.O cut
Mac stomper # 10 m.o cut
Suga king #6 m.o cut
Tick tax #2 m.o cut

Full list can root with pre-order but snips available.

Oreoz maxyield
Space runtz tiki
Zkittlez cake tiki
Devil driver tiki
Winestomper honeysticks

Divine banana #4 beleaf cut (masive yield)
Gorilla butter f2 #2 beleaf cut (masive yield)

Reesez honeysticks cut

**Inhouse hunted cuts
High mac 21 & 1
Banana macaroon #2 #6 #4
Max stomper 10

**Coming soon
White runtz rare pheno
Stunray relentless breeder
Trop cherry relentless breeder
Gorilla puff freshcoast cut
Mac mossa #10 m.o cut
Vanala frosting m.o cut 100 plant hunt
Dantes inferno m.o cut
Moon blend m.o cut
Blueberry fyego m.o cut
Raited r m.o cut
Rollininia m.o cut
Blueberry breath m.o cut
White truffle cheese m.o cut
The daily slap m.o cut

Payment and shipping: Cash app. PayPal. Venmo. Al

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Fast shipping

King of cuts about listing Oreoz breeder cut 7 days ago.

Excellent transaction. Quick response. Look forward to doing business again

Adam about listing High mac 1 and 21 2fer 13 days ago.

Everything went fantastic, can’t wait to trade with them again.

Kickflip Genetics about listing Reesez 15 days ago.
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