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☆●will send pics of the exact clones u will recieve●☆
☆●☆●☆any 4 clones only $180☆●☆●☆
including shipping!!

I clone full time.. i have sold hundreds and hundreds of each of these strains, from backyard rec growers to multiple location farmers. Any complaints, or even 1 person got hermies ill get rid of it! Even if theres only 1 person that had a problem that was their fault. Ive gotten rid of a good amount, i only want strong genetics! All these posted are solid. i will replace any that arrive dead, or in very bad shape w an immediate notification and w pics to show me. i have breeder cuts. I can do larger orders for less $$.

First cut $100, 3 more only $50 shipping $30 total $180 gets you any 4 clones! Additional 4 will be half that, then half of that half for the 3rd 4 pack. And that fractal can continue! Lower and lower.. PITCH IN W UR PEOPLES, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS REDICULOUS PRICE STRUCTURE!

-Apple Fritter
-Tropicana Cherry
-Frisian Duck
-Blue Dream
-Platinum Gorilla
-Sundae Driver
-Purple Kush
-Purple Punch
-Martian candyOG
-Wedding Cake

$80 ea. Pack of 12 Reg seeds

-SAILOR MOON(pink runtz x sunset sherbert x smarties)
-PLATINUM GALAXY (platinum gorilla x smarties)
-BUD BUNDY (london pound cake x runtz x smarties x sunset sherbert)
-MAC GALACTIC (mac1 x platinum galaxy)
-GRAPE ASTEROID (grand daddy purple x platinum galaxy)
-SPACE DIAMOND(larryOG x jedi glue x platinum galaxy)
-COSMIC WAVE (pre98 bubba kush x platinum galaxy)
-MIDNIGHT MONSTER (monster cookies x smarties x sunset sherbert)

Payment and shipping: Cashapp, or PayPal

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Fast shipping , Great to talk with, Good service!

gr33nbean about listing Purple Kush (any 4 clones just $180) 21 hours ago.

100% legit business and great communication. I will gladly vouch for RRC. Great dude and keeps contact along the way. A1 customer service.