Microbe bros genetics

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Microbe bros genetics

Full cut list below! The price is buy in for that first cut each additional on certain strains is 30$. Some cultivars are one per customer

Small batch botique caregiver. Small scale mom and pop style specializing in craft exotics.. I myself found this passion through being a medical patient and hoping to help others find the life changing relif this plant has offered me. I'm also a father of 4 and husband to a wonderful wife who has believed in my dream from the start! I now with her help get to live that dream and do what I love all day every day while helping so many in the process! We run a full pheno hunt facility and seperate nursery allowing us to collect some of the best of the best exotic genetics in the industry. We take sanitization beyond serous and treat every plant as tho it's infected to reduce the risk of any cross contamination. We have very very strict quarenteen and ipm sops and don't ever skip a single step.

Full list can root with pre-order but snips available 3 for price of 1. Bundling is the best way to save bug money. The big price tag is for the buy in on that cut each aditional is only 20 per snip amd 30 per rooted for LIfE

**we have negative vroid tests on ALL our mothers and seedlings! Updated tests as of 3/11/22 we will do these full room tests periodically throughout the year and on every single new plant taken into the garden while in the quarenteen room. So PLZ don't be afraid to ask for the results!

-Baby yoda
-Black ice
-super runtz
-signapore sling
-garlic breath
-chilie verde

Big mums ready for 10-50 snips at just about all times.
-specimine x wow the frost and pirple this gall has insane candy gas terps louder then loud 1000
-platnum icing frost feost frost and loud funky garlis and musk terps 750
-Stink (casual cut) 500
-Black cherry garlic breeder 500
-Dantes inferno m.o cut 1500 limit to 1 cut per customer and only 3 rooted a month.
-Super boof (mobile j cut) 500
-Animal tree #13 (chromatic cut) 350
-Devil driver breeder 500
-Charlevoix #3 750
-Gold cash gold (oreoz x pure michigan) black diamond cut 7 pack hunt close to the top of my best finds list all oreoz bag apeal with that LOUD nasty funk and super gassy terps! I LOVE this gal 750
-oreoz 1.0 breeder 500
-bluberry breath 1000
-suga king 500
-Gorilla breath breeder MASIVE MASIVE yield 750
-Cadillac rainbows breeder 1000
-Meat breath breeder 500
-Pineapple slurpee breeder 1000
-Ape hangers (gg4 x biker og) breeder 1000
-Biker og x Tahiti lime margarita gas cut breeder 1000
-woreoz (Oreoz x SD Warheads)(Apple Fritter x Sour Diesel Animal Cookies BX2)These woreoz omfg!!!! Her terps are something else i kept 2 phenos. #1 is nasty loud funky gas with a slight almost not there but all there in the tase hint of lemon candy. Then 3 is the strawberry yogurt pheno. First one #1 less leaf like a breeze to trim she streches a bit more then #3 and is a well above average yielder with nugs much bigger then golf balls. Then #3 is more leaf but all covered in frost. Both are ridiculously frosty, yield amazing best of the best bag apeal and I'm willing to bet they both will wash good as resin is super dry.

-Platinum kush breath remix x life hack #6 750
-Jelousy x lifhack 750 ohhh pure purple as purple as purple gets absolutely stunning all gasssss.
-PLATINUM TRUFFLES.... UM WOW Hunted 5 packs of these fems not a single one stretched or stacked even close to this hard. this is one bad ass b***h she stretched but stacked tight medium sized dense frosty af nugs all the way down to base no larf of this girl she's a money maker!! A washers dream! 1500

-super boof x life hack FROST FROST FROST omfg ive never in my life seen something so coated and so gorgeous i cant wait to show off these pictures!! You all just wait this is my pride and joy rn! TERPS!!!! 1500. I know I know the price is ridiculous but as of now I don't care to sell it so if the price is not your thing please look at my others I have cuts from 200 to 10k please don't give me a hard time over my super special finds.

First off our ipm plan as this is so very important.

Regalia once per week.
Bontaniguard 22wp foiler and Drench once Biweekly in rotation with grandevo
We also employ a large army of bennificial insects so don't be alarmed if a Hypoaspis miles ends up coming along for the ride those guys are just all over lol.

We do a full root and foiler dip before sending off any of these gals.
EVERY clone taken is taken with a sterilized scapula We NEVER cut from more then one plant with the same tool and all surfaces/ trays are fully sanitized between uses. We keep all cultivars seperate and in there own trays. We are currently using Hort cubes and with great sucess.

We offer snips of any rooted listing amd we send 3 snips for the price of a single rooted.

We send FREEBIE snips/ clones with every order regardless of size

We ask for 50$ to cover shipping on all clone orders seeds ship free.

Any more questions please feel free to ask

License #: Cgr28746
Payment and shipping: Bitcoin cash/money order in mail preferred but also takeCash app. PayPal. Venmo.

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Everything arrived on time and healthy and he hooked me up with an extra. I would definitely recommend them.

Justen about listing Devil driver tiki cut vroid tested 8 days ago.

Transaction went very smoothly, he threw in a freebie as well! I paid for cuts and because it took a little while for us to time the shipment correctly, he gave me rooted clones instead. Awesome seller and i could not be more pleased. Transplanted them today and super stoked to grow them out. Thanks again!

Very awesome seller.

Ricky about listing Kali #3 9 days ago.
Microbe bros genetics