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100% Clean Organic Cuttings

IPM = Integrated Pest Management Program
- Amazing doctor zyme
- Sulfur burning
- Wettable sulfur
- Suffoil-x
- Em5
- Pyrethrin & Spinosad in rotation but used far less frequently

Inoculated with beneficial bacteria/ fungi:

  • Extreme Mykos
  • Beauveria Bassiana
  • OG Biowar - full line
  • others

    • Beneficial bacteria/ fungi used throughout vegetative growth cycle also in root zone and during foliar feeds

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More are exiting quarantine all the time! Check back periodically as this list not only changes due to availability, but also is updated frequently with new additions!

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Current Cultivar List As Of Oct 8th, 2021

Indictes a new Strain *
*White Truffle - Beleaf/FCSC

*Cake Mints - Seedjunky
*Platinum Kush Mints - Greendragon
*Ice Pie - Tiki
*Jealousy Seedjunky
*Gary Payton
*Sherb Cake - Chromatic
*Cherry Sherbert -Tiki
*Wedding Cake -Jbeezy
*White Mints-GreenDragon
*Strawberry Guava-mimatt
*Dolato -Stickydrip
*Mr E Pupil- Notillhank
*Horchata - Compound
*Wedding Crasher - GreenDragon
*East Coast Sour Diesel - Chaco cut

LA Kush Cake - Seedjunky
Candy Rain - Cookie Fam
Platinum Kush Breath
Trop Cherry - Relentless
Iced Out - Inhouse
Ice Cream Cake PNW
Ice Cream Cake Beleaf
Zilky Zmooth - Inhouse
Bacio Mai Tai - Tiki
Gorilla Breath - Thug Pug
Velvet Skies - Inhouse
Pure Kush
Apple Fritter - Lumpys
Biscotti - Cookie Fam
Terple 17 - Inhouse
Meat Breath - BSF
Lava Cake - BSF
Kush Mints - RH
Banana Maccaroons- Tiki
Devil Driver - Tiki
Wedding Cake Bx - Tiki
Divine Gelato 3 - Inhouse
Trop Cookies - Mtn
Vanilla Frosting - 10k
Acai Mints - Tiki
Creme Pie - mrgg
Gelatti Bx - cannarado
Gushers - Cookie Fam

*OGKB V1 (get em now if you want em, last call for them)

Current Cultivar List in Rotation:

-Jungle Cake -- Wifi 43 X Wedding Cake - SeedJunky
-Gushers -- Gelato 41 X Triangle Kush - Cookie Fam
-Now and Laterz -- Unreleased Genetics - Cookie Fam
-Pure Kush -- OG Kush Pheno
-Velvet Skies -- Twisted Velvet X Slurricane 7 - Inhouse
-Iced Out -- Slurricane 7 X Purple Punch - Inhouse
-Gorilla Breath -- GG4 X Mendobreath - ThugPug
-Candy Punch -- Sophisticated Punch X Candy Rain -
-Sundae Driver -- FPOG X Grape Pie - Cannarado
-Platinum Girl Scout Cookies -- Platinum X GSC
-Platinum Kush Breath -- OGKB 2.1 X Platinum - Inhouse

-Deep Breath --WhiteMasterStardawg X Grateful Glue
-Candy Rain -- London Pound Cake X Gelato 41 - Cookie
-Rittlez -- Skittlez X Rozay -- Relentless Genetics
-OGKB v.1 -- OGKB X Dosidos - In-house Genetics
-Underdawg OG aka Headband - Loompa Farms
-Gmo -- Chem D X Forum Cookies - Mamiko
-Tropicanna Cookies -- Mtn Cut
-Meatbreath -- Meatloaf X Mendo breath F2 - Black Sheep
-Terple 17 -- Tropicanna Cookies X slurricane 7 - Beleaf - In-house
-Zilky Zmooth -- Zkittlez X Silky Johnson - In-house

-Samoas -- Forum GSC X Face Off OG BX1 - Archive

-Space Runtz -- Runtz X Candy Rain - Tikimadman
-Apple Fritter -- Sour Apple X Animal Cookies - Lumpys
-Runtz -- Gelato 33 X Zkittlez - Cookie Fam
-Slurricane -- Purple Punch X Dosidos - In-house
-Kush Mints -- Bubba Kush X Animal Mints - SeedJunky
-Gmo -- Chem D X Forum Cookies - Mamiko
-Pancakes -- aka London Mints -- London Pound Cake X

Kush mints 11 - SeedJunky
-LA Kush Cake -- Kush Mints X Wedding Cake - SeendJunky -
Jungle Boys Cut
-Animal Mints -- Animal Cookies X SinMint Cookies -
-Biscotti -- Gelato 25 X South Florida OG - Cookie Fam
-Tropicana Banana -- Banana Punch X Tropicana Cookies
-Vanilla Frosting -- H. Frost OG X Gelato BX3 - Winner of 10K
Pheno Hunt -
-Tropicana Cherry -- Tropicana Cookies X Cherry

-OGKB v2.1 -- OGKB X Dosidos - In-house Genetics - Derrick
Green Dragon Cut
-Tropicana Cherry -- Tropicana Cookies X Cherry Cookies -
Relentless Genetics

-Horchata -- Mochi Gelato X Jet Fuel Gelato -
Compound Genetics
-Devine Gelato 3 -- Sunset Sherbert X Dosidos/ Gelato. 41

-Bacio Mai Tai -- Bacio X Mai Tai - Tikimadman
-Peanut Butter Breath -- Mendo Breath F2 - Black Sheep
Farms - Thug Pug
-Lava Cake - Thin Mint GSC X Grape Pie - Black Sheep Farms-
-Banana Maccaroons -- Dosidos X Banana Punch 9 -
Symbiotic Genetics
-Acai Mints -- Gelato ( Acai Pheno ) X Kush Mints -
-Wedding Cake Bx -- Triange Kush X Animal Mints -
-Devil Driver -- Sundae Driver X Melonaid - Tikimadman
- Gelatti Bx -- Gelatti X Gelatti Bx - Cannarado

-Wedding Cake - Jbeezy
-Gorilla Butter f2 aka White Truffle --Gorilla Butter

( GG4 X PPB ) -- Beleaf - FreshCoastSeedCo
-Mr.E. Pupil - Notillhank
-Dolato - sticky drip cut - inhouse
-Strawberry Guava - Michigan Matt cut - BloomSeedCo
-White Mints - Greendragon

-2 weeks or so
-Jealousy -- Gelato 41 and a Sherbet Bx - Seedjunky
-Cake Mints -- Wedding Cake X Kush Mints 11 -
Gary Payton -- Y X Snowman
Singapore Sling -- Tiki Cookies X Creamsicle -
Georgia pie
Oreoz - Maxyields
Ice Pie
Ecsd - Chaco cut
Wedding crashers-- Green Dragon
Octane mint sorbet - Green Dragon
Sunset Runtz
Platinum Kush Mints - Green Dragon
Sherb Cake - Chromatic

Won't be for awhile, got taken during transit to me


Icc X Am - Seedjunky breeder cut - seedjunky
Bcc X jealousy - seedjunky breeder cut - seedjunky
Gg4 - Josey Wales cut

Others soon to enter quarantine as well

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Great cut!!! It arrived in a timely manner and healthy. Great strain, frosty, stinky, and a keeper. Smooth transaction and great communication

Everything went very smoothly and great response as well as great communication recommend him for you cuts

Excellent transaction. Smooth and easy thank you

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