Magnolia Rooted

Magnolia Rooted

Just a bean collector and flower grower who’s vault has become too big for its britches. Looking to move a lot of packs and most at retail, some of the rarer ones obviously demand a certain price. All packs are sealed and have been vacuum sealed in freezer for preservation. I think I can make a lot of gromies pretty damn happy!! Biggest breeder selection is Mass Medical. Over 50 packs bunch of sold out rare ones never to be remade. Then I have boat loads of other fire from all the top breeders. Thanks y’all!!! Also breeder name freebies with every order!! All orders shipped out same or next day. Ask me about anything I have because I never have time to list everything but I have most everything!!

License #: #4205
Payment and shipping: PayPal, venmo, cashapp. Shipping is $10 priority with tracking

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WOW, excellent, simply excellent.... What can I say, a good product, fair price, fast shipping, and above all, VERY TRUSTED!!!!!

Slowgin about listing Cosmic Wisdom 1000 Mile Stare 3 days ago.

Simply excellent, very fast shipping....

Slowgin about listing Gorilla Glue #4 s1 Joesy Whales pack 3 days ago.

Great seller. Fast shipping and wonderful genetics. Thanks and I'll be back for more.

Nick about listing 3rd Coast Mercury 3 days ago.
Magnolia Rooted