Starting out growing with large clunky HPS lights and feeding my babies synthetic salt based bottled nutrients at first. Now i'm all about no till living organics with LED's, feeding with SST and plain water and i'm not looking back! Combining my interests and passions of science, technology, genetics, health and community.

Chemovars I am on the hunt for:

Northern Lights #5 x Haze
Giesel S1
Afghan Gooey (Afgooey)

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Every thing went perfectly well this was a strain and company I had been looking for for a while so thankyou

I will definitely buy from this man again

I was amazed at how fast the clone was at my front door, clone was healthy and pest free. I will definitely keep an eye on his menu, service is 5 star imo dont hesitate to purchase from him

Everything went smoothly, nice experience.

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