outdoor grower in USA. Smoking since 1980's, growing since 2014, breeding since 2017. Now i found my groove, I want to be stupefied, sedated, drooling couch locked. That's what i'm after in my breeding projects. I want to be able to turn off the worlds worries and help others do the same.

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Everything went smoothly. Quick and professional response. I Will definitely keep an eye out for future projects.

Jason about listing OG Chem (Chemdawg) pollen 5 days ago.

Everything went great and fast can’t wait!!!!

Dave about listing Grape Kush Pollen 19 days ago.

This was a stellar deal from a clever idea! I'm really stoked I got in on a fun pack to pop. The shop owner made it an easy and quick transaction and everything was in the mail the next day. Amazingly, the USPS was even on top of their game, and the package made it halfway across the country in like 3 days.

Overall, I'm hella pleased with my transaction and will definitely be coming back for more great service and product. I 100% recommend mudballs.