secret 50% off. say. green
35 year medical user
25 years growing
Memories and time taken
lifetime of judgement
these are my seeds. i do construction. one good job and these all cone off.

I'll match any price as long as its real.

popped my first seed in 89'
first indoor 99' 4x4 1000 watt Worms Way light with G-13 snuck out a lab in Indianapolis.
this is for fun. don't make it not fun. i cant fudge many prices as i went as low as what i paid plus shipping.
not looking for another job but cant loose money. saying that im always open to any ideas.
just remember i'm only a smoker and lover of this medication. but also one of the people this community was built off of.

Dirty Foot Genetics is a small collective of growers still living in the shadows In Daytona Beach Fl.
They specialise in craft strain creation. as they still want to be unknown, through a friend i got some fem seeds from them to give away with the left over packs i got as i try to condense my collect. or curb my addiction as the wife says.
These are untested, f1;s, from clone and seed. the reversed pollen donor was a Thick stemmed colorful Tropicana Punch BX1
mothers included.
Terple, 6 cuts "including Grape Drank, Hunted by #retardedgenius"
Dream Queen
Blueberry muffin
all Humboldt seed company from seed.

Dead Hot Strawberries
Tropicana punch BX1
Tropicana Kush
Oni from seed

LA wedding pop
Ice cream cake
both clones sourced from all star clones in LA
Slurricane clone from same source as all clones.
Punch 3.0 unreleased from Inhouse Genetics
and was seed.

Birthday Funk by Cannarado genetics
from seed
all mothers breed outside open population from same male.
very limited. i was told i was the only one with them, not that giving away seeds is hard.

Payment and shipping: PayPal, Cashapp, cash, blessing from mother nature and anything of value

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