35 year medical user
30 year medical grower
2 time convicted felon
22 year indoor medical grower
No I haven't grown everyday I could, the laws were all that stopped that.
Life happens and I sure know it. But even when it does it's a circle and I will and have always came through.
Maybe not in the time people wanted but always when it could.
Look, I'm just a normal ol head from Fl. Spent the last 12 years in the woods in Northern California learning everything I wanted to know for decades. They don't share secrets up here and have done so much testing and watching to learn about this plant.
I grow in living soil and make my own bottled nutrients.
Master oil extractor. Favorite process is full spectrum cold water hash. And the easiest, go figure.
My day work the last 20 years has been building or updating grow rooms.
I also use and have many techniques for growing in any environment that even multi million dollar facilities don't.
The last thing I got into is the genetics. My genetics match my techniques and are never blasted anywhere.
At my age it seems my only worth but if your getting in the industry I can knock off time. Time from what maybe you can't know yet and no one will willing give.
Knowledge only comes with experience not just books and classes. But I do have hundred of hrs of that too. For a few thousand in humboldt I can get a master growers license but knowing and doing are different.
I got enough pics to prove my words and with some gas I can show you hands on.
I'd like to get out of the woods so any opportunities are always welcome. The only thing california has left to teach me I don't want to learn. Or a better way to put it i guess would be:
Have genetics will travel
Thanks for reading
Retardedgenius. elusiveseeds
No sales on site just reference for some hybrids I made looking for colored hash after washing.
707-350-5758. Ask for retard

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