Mainely Cup Winning Clones

I've Been growing Cannabis for about 20 years. Almost 2 years ago I decided to restructure my caregiving menu. I wanted to offer the most sought after strains in the United States. It was truly a blessing to meet the individuals who had these verified phenos.
Anybody who works with genetics, no matter what industry, knows it's all about the foundation we build. Any of these great lines can be the cornerstone of a healthy breeding project and add solidity to anyones program. Hand delivered to Maine, and surrounding legal New England states. I ship to all recreational and medical states as well.

I only offer 2-3 clones of any one flavor at a time. When someone places an order I take a couple extra. This prevents the market from getting flooded and keeps exclusivity for my customers.

I have many more exotics not listed. Reach out for the list. You do get what you pay for. My lines are direct. Not watered down, or recreated. Be the first in your crew to stack your progam. Much love, and epic journeys...

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Professionally packaged & a beautiful looking product...will do business with them again!

John about listing Burnt Toast (Raw Genetics Breeder cut) 2 days ago.

Once again seem less purchase from mainelycupwinningclones! Looking forward to the black banana cookies.

First of all Chad is the man! This is not my first time dealing with him. He has been extremely helpful every time. Always makes sure I’m happy. And always received at least what I asked for. Everything on time, no guess work, every time. He has a great collection of genetics. He makes me not want to deal with anybody else. Thanks brotha!

Jay about listing Runtz (Cookie fams breeder cut) 4 days ago.