Ocean Grown Clones

Ocean Grown Clones

I've been growing since the early 90's. I'm a disabled med user and I've found a lot of good people who were willing to help me out as my medical issues prevent me from working. Now I'm ready to give back to the community all the love and good will that was given to me by offering all the medicine I've acquired at very affordable prices.

Due to my health issues, I might miss a shipping date occasionally, I apologize in advance if this happens to your order.

I will be rooting some clones on request, and I will be asking for a 50% donation at the time of your pre-order. The process can take up to 3 weeks until clones are rooted.

Please post a pic within 24hrs of receipt of your cutting or clone if there are any issues.
After 24hrs I cannot be responsible for the cutting or clone!

Thank you all for your support, extra love will always be given to fellow disabled med users!

Current Inventory,
Jealousy - Tiki Madman's Cut
Tropicana Banana - Tiki Madman's Cut
Tropical Zkittles - Tiki Madman's Cut
Pablo's Revenge - Tiki Madman's Cut
Fire as Fuck - Tiki Madman's Cut
Zkittles Cake - Tiki Madman's Cut
Singapore Sling - Tiki Madman's Cut
Space Runtz - Tiki Madman's Cut
Cherry Driver - Relentless Genetics Breeder Cut
Rozay #2 - Relentless Genetics Breeder Cut
White Truffle - BeLeaf Breeder Cut
Platinum Punch #1 - BeLeaf Breeder Cut
Platinum Kush Breath Remix #6 - BeLeaf Breeder Cut
Sundae Driver - Jungle Boys Cut
Chiquita Banana - The Original From Utopia Farms!
Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato 41
Runtz - The Nick Runtz Cut
White Runtz - Rare White Pheno
Zkittles - Terp Hogz Cut
Gooey Mom - Nothern Cali Clone Only
Grape Stomper AKA Sour Grapes - Clone Only

Fresh Cuttings 1 week lead time:
White Truffle - BeLeaf Cut
Divine Banana #4 - BeLeaf Cut
Gorilla Butter F2 - BeLeaf Cut
Koosh - BeLeaf Cut
Watermelon Mimosa #8 - BeLeaf Cut
Frosted Apricots - BeLeaf Cut
Acai Gelato - BeLeaf Cut
Gorilla Nut #9
Terple #17
MAC Stomper #19

Payment and shipping: We accept Cash App, Venmo and Bitcoin. Absolutely no notes or codes or any text at all should be added to your payment. All information regarding your order (addresses, etc) will be discussed only on Strainly. Priority shipping is $25. Priority Express is $50.

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Great experience!!!

Great seller. Awesome customer service. Will buy more from him for sure


Ocean Grown Clones