Pagoda Seeds was born after spending six months in South Korea studying under the guidance of Master Yangwoohwae in 2013. In 'Unrevealed Secrets of Life and Soul,' Master Yangwoohwae teaches how prosperity and awakening are simultaneously possible in one's daily life through freedom from restriction, purposeful intentions and inspirational experience. How is it that one interacts with one's universe?

At Pagoda Seeds, the purpose is simple. To offer one the opportunity to cultivate and experience a selection of genetics one has been composing for over ten years. To provide genetics that are created from the intention; 'The Pagoda as Representation of the Path of Inspiration.'

Working with the plant is one's passion and inspiration. It has given one a sense of purpose in life. Hence the birth of Pagoda Seeds. Dedicated to continuing the sustainability of this movement through mindful selection and genuine offerings.

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