Pink Box Clones

Pink Box Clones


Quality First - Heirloom & Exotic Genetics - 100% Sterile & Authentic

We have been growers, genetic collectors, and propagation enthusiasts for many years. We stand by everything we offer, and have an impeccable standard for IPM and sanitation. We look forward to sharing our genetics with you. Thanks!


C U R R E N T A V A I L A B I L I T Y :
Updated : SEPT. 8 2021

Tier 1 - $150

White Truffle - BeLeaf Cut (GG4 X Peanut Butter Breath) - Fresh Coast Seed Co.

Apple Fritter (Sour Apple X Animal Cookies) - Lumpys Flowers

First Class Funk - Node Labs (GMO X Jet Fuel) - Compound Genetics

Tier 2 - $100

Tropicanna Cookies #mtntrop (Forum GSC X Tangie) - Bloom Seed Co.

Mac1 - Caps Cut (Alien Cookies F2 X Miracle 15) - Capulator

Tropicanna Cherry (Tropicanna Cookies X Cherry Cookies) - Relentless Genetics

LA Kush Cake (Kush Mints X Wedding Cake) - Seedjunky Jbreezy 

Biscotti (Gelato 25 X South Florida OG) - Cookies Fams

GrandiGuava - Purple City Genetics (Guava Gelato S1) - Grandiflora

Tier 3 - $75

Kombucha - The Village Cut (Sour D X Purple Punch F2) - Symbiotic Genetics

Amarelo 7 - Budologist420 Cut (Lemonade X Banana Punch 9) - Symbiotic Genetics

Melonade 8 - Node Labs (Watermelon Zkittlez X Lemon Tree 11) - Midwest Best

Marshmellow OG 9 - Node Labs (Chemdog D X Triangle Kush) X Jet Fuel Gelato) - Compound Genetics

Ice Cream Man 5 - Node Labs (Jet Fuel Gelato X Legend Orange Apricot F2) - Compound Genetics

Waiting Game 16 - Purple City Genetics (FPOG X Mac) - Capulator

Forbidden Runtz - Purple City Genetics (Forbidden Fruit X Runtz) - TikiMadman

Super Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk X Super Silver Haze) - Franco’s Cut


S H I P P I N G :
USPS Priority Express Shipping (1-2 days) - $20
Mailing Heat Packs - $5

P A Y M E N T :
CashApp / Bitcoin / Cash by Mail (Must provide tracking number, dealers choice freebie with Cash payment)

D E A L S :
Pink Pack (2) - Two rooted dealers choice clones. - $125
Pink Pack (6) - Six rooted dealers choice clones - $300
(Chosen from any price category. Deals do not compound with any other discount. Dealers choice, no request)

I N S T A G R A M :

Disclaimer: We make sure all of our inventory is healthy before shipping. We are not responsible for grower error. We will resend DOA or lost in mail orders, thank you.

Payment and shipping: CashApp / Bitcoin / Cash by Mail (Must provide tracking number, dealers choice freebie with Cash payment)

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Great genetics and great customer service. Look forward to trying new genetics in the future.

Dank_Mids about listing White Truffle - BeLeaf 5 days ago.

Love Pink Box Clones! Customer service is impeccable and super friendly. Cuttings came the next day! Genetics are legit and ill be coming here everytime! Thank you again!

Super fast and smooth, thanks alot!

Plus a badass marshmellow og freebie!

Mark about listing GrandiGuava - Grandiflora Oakland 7 days ago.
Pink Box Clones