Small batch Regualr Photoperoid and Autoflower Breeder . I focus the Autos to be XXL and stand up to its relative the Photoperoid cultivar with frost , terps and overall structure and yield that can be achieved if you try my genetics , I promise the hunter made sure that the best Phenos were worked , the seeds were germ tested and they all were inspected and grown before ever going off to another garden ! I focus the AutoFlower Cultivars mostly on Terp Profiles , frost and structure for mostly washing Fresh Frozen Flower to Live Bubble Hash for Live Rosin Solventless extraction but also for Flower . Here at VikingGardens and we pride ourselves on clean , trustworthy work that is backed by some of the biggest names in our industry! I’m sponsored to grow with nutrients , lights and genetics and now I’m taking the road to bringing the community better genetics for better results at a very very very good value cause I make these AutoFlowers for stock ultimately and I don’t want to grow and share worthless genetics . With that said , These are worth it XXL autos with medical values !
Always Free Shipping inside the USA and We Ship out every Thursday once a week ! So 7-14 day wait for your package unless you paid for next day service or otherwise .

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Everything went fantastic! Super excited to pop these seeds. Thank you so much!

All went well. I'll be back for more.

Tankyman about listing Thor’s Hammer F4 AutoFlower Regular 17 days ago.

Everything went smoothly, received my order promptly, great guy awesome to work with!

Btw the seeds are