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Maine Licensed Retail - Resale - Caregiver OCP compliant . Water Culture Specialist . Clones . Hydro Indoors / Hybrid Indoors - Soil Outdoors w/ Lots and Lots of Microbes !

Created Thors Hammer F4 AutoFlower - Wild Berry Zkittlez Auto F4 and Blood Cake BX1 - Banana Hammer F2 - Black Cherry Thunder F2 - Strawberry Jelly x GMO x Black Banana x Thor’s Hammer F3 - F5 Stabilized AutoFlower and 21 + AutoFlower varieties . Known for putting photoperoid into AutoFlower and stabilizing at F4 over 11-12 month period .

I also Small Batch Preserve Photoperiod Genetics and have created many varieties for our garden and if they are truly worth the while , after in house testing , we share them with the world !

I’m willing to take on projects for other Gardens for breeding purposes . I’m willing to take in genetics or supply my own genetics . I’m willing to portfolio and Video/Photo and stay in frequent contact in order to complete the breeding projects on a proper schedule with extensive detail throughout the project . I can accept projects anywhere from 10-25-50-100 plants to find selection’s . Rate of compensation for my breeding is TBA / and often is quoted after discussion of the project . Projects are scheduled 1 project at a time in order to be fair to each and every garden in order for Viking Gardens Genetics to be able to help everyone , I cannot double book first and second generation at one time unless it’s finely compensated , this is in order to deliver projects for many gardens and not just one we do not want to contract with one exclusive garden unless it’s a Career opportunity for our ability’s . I pride myself on extending our green thumbs and our ability’s to find and select proper males and females in a professional Manner . Here in Maine New England We can make your next Breed work for you ! - VGG Thor
Preferred Breeding methods used by VGG

RdWc and DwC specialist indoors / Soil Outdoors

License #: MMMP (OCP compliant ) Maine
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Passion, attention to man knows more about his plants than many a brother of the bud. Gitchu some beans and you will certainly be happy

This is my very favorite member on all of strainly... Honest, fast to reply, knowledgeable, and willing to lend a helping hand!

10\10 Stars!!

Viking Gardens took really good care of me. Thor is a quality person that puts in the work, and really has taken things forward in his breeding. Looking forward to giving these Banana Hammer F2's a go.