Small collective of breeders from the Netherlands.

Due to our climate and local legislation we specialize in autoflowering genetics.

Been active for a few years now, but only internationally since January 2018.

Any questions? Or want to do a coop? Just shoot a message!

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ace671 about listing Amnesia Haze. 6 days ago.

Amazing service!! This is a real stand up company. I had issues with customs not once, but twice and as soon as I told them about it they had another package out the next day! Great Company! Even Better People!

Burning River Genetics about listing Lowryder #2 autoflower. 6 months ago.

Hey Bestellung war flott da Seeds sehen gut aus 4 extra AK 47 dazu bekommen zur keimrate kann ich noch nix sagen warte noch auf eine andere Bestellung.

Denis about listing Lowryder #2 autoflower. 6 months ago.