Atlas Plant Trainer

Are you tired of running out of bud a few weeks before your next harvest? Have you been wondering how to get more out of your plants without changing up your entire grow setup? Bored with the current training and supporting methods like bamboo stakes, cages and wire ties?
Atlas Plant Trainer will wipe these problems out of your life with 4 easy steps. Connect, Click, Bend and Clip your way to bigger yields with our customizable, build to suit plant training and support solution.
Atlas Plant Trainer was designed by a home grower for the home grower of cannabis! Until now, there's been no solution that actually grows with your plant.
Imagine your plants that grow a little too fast, or a little too big, and you're struggling to tame them back and ensure they are properly supported. You're probably tired of sticking more stakes in the soil or even having to buy longer stakes or more equipment to take care of your plants.
Now imagine just being able to extend your current solutions to fit your blossoming plants. With Atlas Plant Trainer you can easily extend any stake, in any direction, at any time. Add in a few of our connectors you will be able to support the entire structure and your heavy buds. We also have plant clips that connect around your plant and not to your plant, reducing the chance of strangling your plant's life.

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