Ras El

We are a collective of humble farmers and seed enthusiasts. Lovers of Landrace and Heirloom Varietals. Collaborating with an elder breeder who is known as Grasshopper, together we have over 40 years experience selecting and cultivating our beloved herb. Working with landrace and many old and new school varietals. Preservation is our mission. Collaborating with a local and global collective sharing a passion for the herb.

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Hi, glad everything went smoothly. If there's anything else I can help with, let me know.

The Real Seed Company about listing Mango Thai - 5 seeds 2 months ago.
Theran about listing Sour Cherry Haze 2 months ago.

Ras El is an exceptional person. His generosity and love far outshine the beauty of his rare flowers. I am so grateful to receive these seeds and grow them =)

Please, please buy some seeds from this man! You will be so blessed to have them in your gardens, surely for years to come.

Some highly valuable, rare, and potent genetics, sure to impress any friend or grower, and so exotic and vigorous that any breeder's work will thrive and stand out, once any of these many unique lines are integrated.

I expect to produce several Sativa studs from these seeds, and oh how lucky my breeding mothers will be, and how stunned and grateful I will be to possess their offspring. Truly unique, the highest quality.

Seven Trees about listing Red Afro from Tropical Seeds 3 months ago.