Hi everyone I'm theseedplug I'm a breeder from Massachusetts,I'm here to get great genetics from myself and alot of the top breeders in the game for good prices,I'm always willing to negotiate,I try to get orders out within 48 hours,and always add little freebie my genetics arrive in 3d printed resealable bags, obviously other breeders come in there own packs, shipping is $5,usually takes about 2-5 days in most of the US,I am always reachable for questions and if any concerns just message me,

Payment and shipping: $5 for shipping and I take Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp,and most others as well

40 open listings

11 followed people

33 received reviews (97% positive, 32/33)

Fast friendly service thats hard to find would definetly do business again .thank you

This guy, man. He is legit one of the nicest dudes you'll meet on here. He is so chill and everything runs smooth. I dunno why more people aren't like this guy, where they prioritize the access to strong and unique strains and clones, compared to some others who prioritize money over quality. I will definitely be coming back to this guy and ordering from him each year for my growing projects!!