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I am a small time Breeder with good genetics. I am working on some seed projects currently, and have clones available or I am able to cut to order with a 25% deposit.

All clones come fully rooted and shipped in clone shippers priority mail or overnight for a extra fee. Clones come in Root Riot plugs or 1.5”x1.5” rockwool cubes and are 4”-8” when shipped.

Mothers and F1 Seeds Coming Soon
Coming Soon!!!!!!!
Thug Pug Unicorn Poop f2
Roadkill Skunk
AppleFritter S1
Putang MMS
Bubba Kush Seedsman
Maui Waui Nirvana Seeds
Wedding Cake x Wedding Stank JRukus

Payment and shipping: PayPal (friends and family), Zelle, CashApp

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Bought 2 clones over a month ago, received beat up boxes and clones that were not saveable, sent pics to SLS and he said he'd get 2 new ones out. After him waiting for clone shippers, saying it would be sent out...no response since. Messaged for tracking, nothing. Its been 30+ days. Not even a refund!

Queen City about listing Garlic Cake 1 month ago.

Quick to answer, and great overall service. Will definitely be doing biz again

AXIOMGENETIX about listing GELATO MINTZ POLLEN 4 months ago.
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