Seven Trees

Seven Trees

Canadian contract consultation, nursery operations, research and publication. Novice breeder.

Dr. Zinko
Horticultural Consultant
Vancouver Island

Management and farming experience with moderate scale organic growers for seven years. Largest scales managed, preceded by number of operations managed, with predominant crops and plant numbers listed in parenthesis:

1-Heathland Berries (highbush blueberries; 32 acres; 12 var.)
2-Orchards (apple, pear; 18 acres; 1880+ of 24 var.
2-Vineyards (12acres; 2100+ of 7 var.)
2-Hemp (13.5 acres; 16500+ plant count of 9 var.)
11-ACMPR; outdoor, greenhouse, and/or indoor grows (max ~3100 plant count).

Management and operator experience with two medicinal dispensaries.

Payment and shipping: Individual seed prices listed in USD. Shipping $10. PayPal accepted. Prices in Canadian for orders within Canada.

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Super easy to communicate with. Genetics are second to none. Extremely generous and responded to all my questions in a timely fashion.

I'm definitely coming back for more of his unique combinations, in the very near future!

I have a long history of trusting doctors - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and now, into my personal Pantheon of respect walks Dr. Kynan of 7 Trees. And for good reason. My mind, my spirit, and now my garden have been #BLESSED by listening to the wise. You dont need to trust me - you simply need to reach out to 7 Trees and Dr. Kynan- and what you will learn about his strains, his experience, his palpable love for this plant and planet ....Total Pro. I heard it said once "if we could say what we feel" we would all get along a whole lot better. I feel ya Doctor ! Happy to know you. BUY WITH TRUST !!!

TraderXXX about listing Death Bubba x Tropaya 14 days ago.

Great experience overall. Very personable. High up on my short list.

Kureen about listing Blueberry Dragon Fire x Pink Sweets 23 days ago.