Seven Trees

Seven Trees

Thank you everyone for your support and friendships. Much love to all the brothers and sisters out there who cultivate with love. Your gardens and dreams are in my heart. An extraordinary thank-you to the above-and-beyond heroes growing Strainly strong; they deserve whatever financial support you can offer them, as I believe this platform is of vital importance for the distribution and subsequent preservation of genetics. To everyone saving seed--thank you!

It feels odd to type this, and I'd rather not make it a lengthy explanation as it is, but the truth is simply that I enjoy (much more) life without computer screens.

I love my Father and live to know his will, to love and help my neighbour. The Almighty has given us all things, like only ("the green herb") does.

(KJV) Gen. 9:3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.

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A+++++++++ Awesome strainly member!

Cozmo about listing Pineapple Sorbet x Purple Lemon Haze 3 days ago.

As always generous and excellent dude

Generous, helpful and 100% outstanding in every way! AWESOME Strainly member!!!

Cozmo about listing GSC x Sky Cuddler Double Kush (F3) 6 days ago.
Seven Trees