Seven Trees

Seven Trees

Seven Trees

Consultation, nursery operations, research and publication.

Dr. Zinko
Horticultural Consultant
Vancouver Island

Management and farming experience with moderate scale organic growers for eight years. Largest scales managed, preceded by number of operations managed, with predominant crops and plant numbers listed in parenthesis:

1-Heathland Berries (highbush blueberries; 32 acres; 12 var.)
3-Orchards (apple, pear; 18 acres; 1880+ of 24 var.
2-Vineyards (12acres; 2100+ of 7 var.)
2-Hemp (13.5 acres; 16500+ plant count of 9 var.)
14-ACMPR; outdoor, greenhouse, and/or indoor grows (max ~3100 plant count).

Management/operator experience with two medicinal dispensaries.

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Putting intelligence back into cannabis thank you Dr . Z

Seven trees was super cool, friendly, and quick to respond. A very helpful guy. Definitely recommend doing business with him.

As usual, premium seller who really cares about what he is producing, and very positive person. Can’t recommend highly enough. Thanks man!

Colin about listing GSC x 14 Strains (Open) 28 days ago.
Seven Trees