Seven Trees

Seven Trees

Canadian contract consultation, nursery operations, research and publication. Novice breeder.

Dr. Zinko
Horticultural Consultant
Vancouver Island

Management and farming experience with moderate scale organic growers for seven years. Largest scales managed, preceded by number of operations managed, with predominant crops and plant numbers listed in parenthesis:

1-Heathland Berries (highbush blueberries; 32 acres; 12 var.)
2-Orchards (apple, pear; 18 acres; 1880+ of 24 var.
2-Vineyards (12acres; 2100+ of 7 var.)
2-Hemp (13.5 acres; 16500+ plant count of 9 var.)
11-ACMPR; outdoor, greenhouse, and/or indoor grows (max ~3100 plant count).

Management and operator experience with two medicinal dispensaries.

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Got the seeds! Thanks so much! I'll send you a picture when they sprout

Great product! Excellent germination on the seeds! Highly recommended!

J about listing Alien Hands x Finnish Frost 23 days ago.

Fantastic product,cannabis the way it should be worked.check all the boxes for a great buisness transaction too.I just cant say enough about how much i value these seeds,and i have a collection of over 600 packs!!