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Hello everyone, my name is Trinity and I'm a hippy chick from the Emerald Triangle in the 60's, and 70's, and NYC in the 80's

*All my Beleaf and Tiki Madman stuff will have pictures of the Beleaf and Tiki Madman clone carriers they came in, which will show the name of the clone. This will prove that these are 1st gen breeder clones Straight from Beleaf or Tiki Madman

Beleaf Rooted Clones
Dip N Stix - $175
Raizen Bran - $150
Truffle Treats #9 - $175
Chimera #2 - $175
Daily Grape #9 - $175

Tiki Madman Rooted Clones
King Sherb - $300
Space Gelato - $300
Oreoz Blizzard - $300
Fish Scale - $300

Some of the classics that will be in my rotation are;
Cinderella 99 - Pineapple pheno from the original release of C99,
SoCal Master Kush.
I'll have unrooted snips of the Pineapple pheno of Cindy from C99's original release, and SoCal Master Kush for New Years

I'm old school, and I only use organic nutrients, and organic disease control
I also have a vast well stored seed collection that I will never be able to grow, and will be offered here.
Plus I travel to Los Angeles a lot so let me know if there is anything I can special order for you

Peace and Blessings
TrinityGae at

License #: CL18-0001394
Payment and shipping: Cash App. USPS express shipping $50 to $75

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Trinity is a righteous dudette. Super fast shipping and super healthy cuttings.

I will be back for more

Skunked is a repeat customer of the highest quality. I just traded him for his heirloom cut of trinity. Clone came big and healthy, and showed no pests or diseases under the scope!!!

Fast payment, 5 Star Strainly-er