Soul Rays

Soul Rays

Solvent-less Hash Washing vessels will be available soon !

304 stainless steel, Sanitary welds, Lab grade insulation.

30 Gal , 44 Gal , 65 Gal units available

Custom larger units are possible !

Advanced cooling options and custom closed loop systems are available via custom order.

collection of
Freeborn Selections
Bloom Seed Co.
In house Genetic

seed stock in my vault.

A lot of rare aficionado packs need to do seed increases on
original boxes available for purchase, prices based on original purchase value and a few other factors.
These are collector/limited releases some of them breeder stock like Forbidden Candy.

*Seed increases will be done on these boxes if not purchased, Seeds will be available for a reasonable price.

Aficionado Packs :
Magnum opus Gen 12. (available 3.5k USD BTC only )
Black Lime Reserve (1.5k USD BTC only No box No Vial; loose seeds)
Forbidden Candy (2 boxes Available 1.5k USD BTC only)
Citron Blanc ( 1.5k USD BTC only)

Hope to offer clones & seeds from my seed increases here.

Clones Available Now:
Clones we offer are proven washers and are ready for your production room. Only the best solvent-less terps and high yielders are offered.

Strawberry Guava #1 - Blood Seed co. Breeder Cut - 500$
Proven 6% Hash Washer
1 rooted clone shipped in a Clone Mailer Vac Sealed to your door. 2 Day shipping included.

Info: This is the Bloom Seed Co 6% Proven Fresh Frozen hash Wash Strawberry Guava #1 Breeder Cut; Supplied to us directly by Bloom Seed co. Insane Pink/Red Starburst terps with a minty finish.

Clone is sold only Via Pre-Orders right now. Message me and I will make a listing, Clones are cut to order.
Pre orders take 2-4 weeks to fulfill. Clone must harden and be rooted before its ready for transport.

Bitcoin payment only ; or cash payment for select customers.

Current Projects:

Current focus is on hash yielding cultivars

Prepare Strawberry Guava #1 Clone into a mother and take clones.

Pheno hunting:
Citrus Palisade
Grape Cream Cake
Slurricane #7
Grape Cream Cake X Kush Mints

Cloning & Preparing for DWC flowering chamber :
Strawberry Guava #1 Bloom Seed Co. Breeder Cut.

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AG Mega about listing Freeborn Selections - Lime Vine 2 years ago.

Thank you so much!! I'm truly honered to have something truly special!!

Fast payment thank you. Enjoy!!!

Cannabinoid Crazy Genetics about listing FORBIDDEN LIMES 3 years ago.
Soul Rays