----------------♧ Microscopic Studies ♤-----------------

Providing clean viable spore prints and syringes.

$20- 10cc syringes:

~Blue Meanie
~Brown Boy
~Chitwan Nepal
~Florida White (F +)
~Golden Teacher
~John Allen
~Koh Samui Super
~Mexican Albino
~Mexican Dutch King
~Oak Ridge
~Orissa Indian
~Penis Envy 6
~PF Classic
~Puerto Rican
~Red Boy
~South American
~Space Coast
~Thai Koh Samui
~Thai Lipa Yai
~Thai Pink Buffalo
~Treasure Coast
~Z Strain

$40- Spore prints:

~Alacabenzi (Out of stock)
~Golden Teacher
~Z Strain
~Blue Meanie

Currently NOT shipping to Georgia and Idaho.

Please check your local laws before ordering.

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