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Mass trich Genetics

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I am breeder / grower growing for 20+yrs breeding for 10 + yrs and collecting for as long as i can remember ..i have a neurological pain disease thats why i got into this my plan was to find the cure all strain wich does not exsist by the way altho i have tested hundreds of genetics there are special phenos that stand out from the rest i hunt these phenos down and offer them to public in early days it was very hard networking but with what has happened in the scene and the internet you can connect with a wide variety of ppl ..i love meeting new growers / breeders to either talk about genetics or swaping genetics .i am working on packaging now i would like to showcase my work and offer other alternatives to these outrageous prices other seed companies offer ..i also would love to help sick ppl along the way as it was a hard and long road trying to find an alternative for opioids but it can be done i did tons of research on various strains and have found very special phenos right now im trying to make thee plant who has it all and if i dont.i get very close runner yeah but anyways i plan on offering all my creations real soon along with having prize cuts from various top notch breeders so look out for that ..

Free pack of seeds with every purchase you can pick 1 from this list or i will pick it for you but here is your choices

Sin mint cookies x mob boss
Sin mint cookies x oak tree
Sin mint cookies x quantum kush
Wht ribbon x skunkberry
Cannatonic x L.V.B.K
Dr who x L.V.B.K
Mr clean x Apocolypto #2

Freebies with every order

Freebies with every order

Freebies with every order

Freebies with every order

Free Cuts with 2 clone purchase these are cuts and are not rooted you will have to root yourself i will send 3 cuttings these wont be skinny wimpy like ones i have gotten these will be choice cuts that you will at least have a chance at rooting i have literally gotten cuts from ppl on here that i had to play clone ER dr. It was touch and go for the 1st wk

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This guy does good business. Solid vendor.

Exceptional seller with a fast response and ship time. I had two clones arrive in perfect order and got them in soil immediately. They are happy and healthy—thanks a ton!

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Mass trich Genetics