Outdoor season is here Get ready for the outdoor season with Sunny valley Clone Co. will have clones ready to go of all strains listed below.. clones are cut to order … thank you also every order includes AMAZING FREEBIES get your clones for 2022 we do this for real get your clones now check out our amazing list of genetics below message me about anything I’ll be happy to answer them

-new / old school OG’s------------------------------------‐-------------------------
Aj Sour Diesel. $250

Gg#4 (Josey whales cut)$250
Z-Chem (Phinest cut) $250
OILSPILL (sunny valley selection )250$
Cherry Pie (Bay area cut) $250
Brian berry cough (TGA seeds)250$
Purple punch (Sunny valley cut)250$
Royal kush (mandelbrot himself)250$
Apple and bananas (compound cut )250 $
Papaya bomb (purple city )250$
Zev (purple city )250$
Super Lemon smac (purple city250$
Mango mintality (purple city )250$
Spritzer (250$
Pez sours 250$

Cuban Black Haze. $250

NYC piff s2 #3 (Piffcoast cut) $250.

Old timer haze x (Tom hill haze $250

Blue mountain X old timer haze 250$

Blue mountain X Cuban black haze 250$


sativa dominant

Malawi confidential glue ( Sunny valley cut )$250
BlueDream (Sunny valley cut )$250
Strawberry Cough (sunnyvalley cut) $250


Tropicana Cookies (sunnyvalley cut $250
Tropicana punch (sunnyvalley cut )$250
Blue Mountain Sunny valley cut $250
Pure kush (Sunny valley cut )$250
White widow ( Sunny valley cut )

And of course our disclaimer: These are for souvenir purposes only. Sunny valley seeds takes no responsibility for any illegal use of products purchased from us. DO NOT GERMINATE unless it is legal to do so where you reside.

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Good communication and big healthy roots, thank you again for making it happen :)

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Everything went great! Germ testing now, and they came right up! Thank you!

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