Swamplillys Select Cultivars

Swamplillys Select Cultivars

We are a small med/rec grow outfit. We work thru A LOT of Small scale 10-30 plant phenohunts, of a broad spectrum of mostly American breeders genetics. Such as SJ, Tiki, Twenty20, Clearwater, Solfire, Exotic, Envy, Ethos, Bulletproof, Compound, Cult Classic, Thug Pug, Raw, and many more. We are gearing more, and more towards centering in our home line. But always interested in trading genes. We are going to begin crosses soon. And would like to meet some hobbyist growers that like getting free seeds of said mentioned breeders genetics crossed out into new mixes. Beyond Pollen Chucking. All though we work through smaller populations of test specimens. Genetics that have been sifted, and sifted, by breeders of quality, offer a higher grade of quality across the board. So we are ALWAYS sifting the sifters so to speak. And also have collected some amazing pollen, from some of the strongest male specimens throughout years. All being cold/dry stored. Basically we wanna start working out this gear to deliver something special to the canna community. We believe we can as well. MSG anytime. We love chatting genetics.

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A++ Great communication, customer service and Extremely fast shipping. This dude doesn’t play around , very professional

Las Vegas about listing Sun City Seeds: Forum Cut BX 1 month ago.

Everything arrived perfect and with freebies to boot! Many thanks to this seller!

Persy_Collection about listing Envy: “Gorilla Pops” 1 month ago.

Wonderful seller! Helped 100% of the way! I'll be back for sure.

Persy_Collection about listing Envy: ‘The Drip V2’ 1 month ago.
Swamplillys Select Cultivars