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All my clones can be tissue tested to verify legitimacy. If you would like to see the mothers Of my lineup you can email and will provide photos I can do rooted or unrooted also can do Rockwool and rapid rooters. I only list two strains at a time if you would like a full list just message me.

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Everything went smoothly. Great service. Will order from him again. Thanks again.

joey about listing BlueberryMuffin 3 days ago.

Great guy, knowledgeable and doesn't overcharge for his cuts. Will be back soon!

To Mega Therion about listing Fruity pebbles OG(FPOG) 17 days ago.

Showed up healthy and bug free, Luke was very helpful and knowledgeable. Looking forward to acquiring more of his genetics. Thank you again.

Quantum Klones about listing Jelly Pie 2 months ago.