Taylormade Selections

I would like to start of by thanking this community and it’s members ! Every post , journal , picture , question , answer , mistake , and debate has helped me become a better gardener / butler to this sacred plant over the years .

This is a brotherhood to me although we have never spoke I have learned from so many of you and thank you . I’m proudly in a place in my life where I can finally join as a member and contribute to this community.

Genetics are my passion my love and literally my life ! I’m here to share my life’s work and looking forward to conversing with all of you . Thank you for your all opinions , thoughts , comments and concerns in advance .

My goal is to share my selections with this community and to bring my artwork / vision to the world . Selection is the spice of life to me,and over the past decade I have spent all my resources , time and energy obsessively selecting , hunting , culling the best of the best from seed .

Now I am ready to share my creations with the world !


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Couldn't be happier. Amazing collection of crosses of some of the worlds finest genetics. Pure fire. Very highly recommended

seeyouNtea genetics about listing Blue Goddess 10 days ago.

Awesome Strainly member right here. Awesome to deal with. Cant wait to see what else gets put up on here. Cheers brother

FTS_Genetics about listing Blue Goddess 18 days ago.

Generous, nicely packaged, fast delivery & lineage that is second to none. As a breeder, I would definitely highly recommend his strains to everyone