Temple of Terpenes

Terpene rich, potent, hardy varieties tried and approved season after season in a tough northern climate. Seeds created and plants always grown and tested in living organic systems.


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A+, What an awesome transaction! Kindness and generosity goes a long long way! This vendor does it right and his service, communication and selection are superior! Great attitude and fast shipping. Thanks for freebies and gd vibes! Highly recommended strainly member! Rok on Maine! :)

I'm ecstatic. Didn't expect so many freebies and such a stellar delivery. Will return.

Hello Hi Seeds about listing Buford Og x Cupcake 5 seeds 8 months ago.

Top notch. Great pricing, very generous with extra seeds, fast shipping and nice packaging .

Very friendly and easy to communicate with. The biggest , seemingly most vigorous plant, in my garden is from a freebie they sent me a few months ago. I haven't flowered anything yet ( it is a female) but it is outperforming everything else, including some top notch , expensive beans , from very well established reputable breeders ( not going to mention any names. I'm sure those plants will be great to but they aren't growing as fast or healthy.)

Can't wait to see the flowers and make some of my own crosses and hopefully have something worthy enough to give back !

Thanks guys!

Spiral about listing StarCake 9 months ago.