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Scavengr Selections

Dedicated to the access of quality genetics to those who want to grow their own and breed with quality seed stock.

I am a second generation grower and Mendocino native, and was born on a commune located amongst the pygmy forests of the Mendo coast. My father and uncle began growing in the late sixties in the emerald triangle and for a short time in Hawaii. Like most folks from this era they both faced multiple arrests and erridication efforts. I came of age during the medical era, so my experience has been much different but still tinged by some of the old philosophy.

My personal breeding projects came out of necessity and the need for more quality control. Like everyone I've been disappointed by some of the seeds available in the market; therefore, I began breeding for my own use and those in my close cirlce. I feel confident enough now in my work to share it with the community at large. Like my own story I blend the old school with the new school and will be releasing small batch projects as they become available.

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Cannillusions about listing Peanut Butter Breath 4 days ago.

Just got the seeds to pop last week. Looking good. Can’t wait for harvest. Thanks again for this strain. Super excited!

Ernie about listing Peanut Butter Breath 2 months ago.

Good communication and transaction.

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