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Hey guys we’re not ignoring you, we’re sorry for not responding faster. We are in the process of expanding our customer service dept and are training new staff/ receptionists to ensure that your looked after and taken care of, We are still alllliiiivee!

  • Strainly feedback required for trades .

The ongoing evolution and development of the Strainly platform has encouraged TGS to make some much needed changes to our customer services and we’re in the process of adding new user friendly payment methods that can accept crypto currency.

We are aware that this is relatively new and many are unfamiliar so we will be adding a help line to our strainly profile to accelerate orders and assist our clients to make it easy and efficient.

Our mission is supporting the growth of Strainly , by far the most efficient and vast trading network providing a variety of services that include a feedback system making it easy to use providing a sense of comfort that really can’t be found anywhere else.

By strainly eliminating any potential for a bad experience, they allow the formation a a large group including our collective ensuring a more trust, more satisfaction and a overall better experience.

With small businesses restrictions lifting, We are doing our best to get our personal lives and maintaining the forward momentum despite all the obstacles we all face, so with all these factors we want to take the time to thank everybody who makes this all possible, we love you, and wish you health and success.

We are expected to by at full operational capacity before July. Thank you Strainly family.

Disclaimer : Please check your local laws before germinating our novelty research items.
If your not in the USA and dont want to pay extra $ for shipping we offer discreet envelopes, BUT if dont receive, that means your countries might be looking for birthdays card cash because we don't mess around at TGS. GreenStashSeeds takes pride in client satisfaction, and it shows.

Occasionally we accept trades. Inquire.

We hate scammers, thus we are proud to be a part of this tightly knit community that the creators of the strainly network have created for us to enjoy.! Thanks Strainly!!

If we didnt take this serious we wouldn't be taking video's of us sending out our gear as reassurance: dont be cheap, pay the tracking cost, Damaged goods are common,very uncommon do we find ourselves sending replacement packs because 99% of the time they make it.

If you have any problems or questions contact us. Strainly is not here to baby sit the community, let them handle more severe problems like REAL SCAMMERS with fake accounts.

With that, Welcome to the strainly community if your new, & without out any further I do, present to you;

.The Green Stash Seed Collective. Compost Everything, No Pesticides. Please Follow, New strains SOON! Auto's coming. Greenstashseeds up, under const. Will be hosting the TGS Pot Casts, all invited.|

"No basic strains, we germinate hundreds of seeds, less than 1% of those are selected to ensure furthering development of botanical eugenics by exploiting selective breeding " Only the strong survive, This Is Green STASH!!! We have one simple goal, Help people that truly need this miraculous species of plant life, and make it as easy as possible.

Leave a Review, Because we HATE leaving anything but good feedback unless, you short us.

We believe in honoring our vets and those who put it all on the line for our country's sake. Ask about vet discounts.
or People Suffering from medical related limmited income, We are here to help you .

New Security Features : Our packaging now features a smash proof container with a tamper proof seals on our gear so if you see anybody offering our genetics and the seal is broken its going to be obvious That your gear could have been switched out!!

Shout OUT to Big Surrrr California, Home of some of the dankest strains in the world, and Great breeders!!!!
/\ /\ /\
Worked on a couple commercial med outfits in Big Sur, I was able to learn from some of the most experienced cultivators in the industry while it was strictly prop 215, Senate Bill 420
Learned the art of organic alternatives to pesticides, and home made organic nutrients, completely free of heavy metals of synthetics derived with nasty Acids that harm the environment.

Over 15 years experience in selective pollination, grafting, Botany,Agriculture, Organic Chemistry, and Gro-Kashi Ferments with uncommon yeasts = free c02 + it turns into concentrated sterile glycerin's that are easily soluble and full of PK.

We specifically hunt for fine exotics and rare genetics for preservation and the advancement of coming generations. Located and created in Sunny San Diego, TGS is here to help you fulfill your needs for exotic seeds, Clones, and on occasion, Top Shelf Pollen.
We believe in living organics, as such we are completely against using pesticides that dont just stop the problem, On the contrary, ends up causing co-lateral unwanted effects resulting in weakened links through out the entire food chain. Any thing that kills the insects also kills the birds, and everything else that keep the Eco system in a perfect balance. Almost everybody hates spiders, but without them the moths would lay caterpillars on all the plants not to mention mosquito populations would grow out of control!!! Stop spraying round up and pest killers, Think Green, Save the Environment!!

First off I'd like to establish, Strainly is Awesome!!!!!, at one time Rollitup was our goto for networking cannabiz, now we consider #Rollitup to be garbage. Recently, TGS was Banned for displaying our strainly profile link, with a notice that only stated Banned, for breaking the rules. Well We are fully aware of the rules and didn't break a single one, Having prior been a outstanding member since 2013. Out of nowhere for watermark, really?

This List is subject to change, trying to document entire inventory. More work than we thought considering all the trades over the last half century.* This is only a quarter, but I wont list

Seeds that say trade were obtained in trades, some we have yet to germinate, *but are willing to
let go of some,we want to have a few left for genetic preservation.
People have been asking for our entire list, and its never been fully cataloged, we might just dump it all out and take some pics. counted over 100+ varieties in my vault and lots of breeder packs and f'1 scattered in filing cabinets. PM me for a video, if you'd like.
If you are a *Vet
or disabled, we offer 25% off first order. OEF&OIF= 30%
CBD+ Harletsu gen2 = limmited* GONE
Cbd+ Lemon Skunk gen1 = limmited * Limmited supplies.

Cherry-Gasm? trade : Socal hierlooms? (12)
Blue Dream x Blue Berry =Dream Berry f1 (7)
Animal Cookies :trade1(5)Gone
Blue mountain Kush : Big Surr orgins, . (FRESHOUT)
Blue Banner = fb trade & f2. (3) 53+ packs
Blue Berry by Dj Short. (16+)
Bull Rider. 2001 Old School legend. (FRESHOUT)
Big Wreck = Burkley Big Bud x Train Wreck : (23)
Cherry Zest : Local seeds by Tre . 10+
Elmer's Glue v2 gen2-4: Almost out , gen 3 bx coming.
Gorilla Glue 4 x Cookie Dough [31]: 5 (Limmited supplies)
Green Crack : old school original 2k (NA) GONE indefinably. Fresh out
Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut : Royal Queen, Fem. OUT
Wookie Cookies gen 1 : Limmited Stock, max (6) per patient.
9 pound hammer x Bruce Banner = BanR HaMr gen2 by TGS : 3 (4)packs left. 2016 line
9 pound hammer x Bruce Banner = BanR HaMr gen3 bx by TGS : 50+ 2017 line
Headband x Lavender m= f1 BendR: In in the making. f-1's on hand.
Lavender m x Blue Dream = f1 = LavishDream Testsers Available, inquire.
Chemdawg from socal Hierlooms ? (8) trade
Cheese x Bannana Kush = fb trade 1(10) pack *A
Chiesel = Sour D x Cheese = So Cal Connections trade. (27)
Champagne mX Chem 91 =Chempagne
WOW* f1 testers available*
Champagne mX Elmers v2 =GlueNBubblez F1 Testers available
Champagne mX Wedding Cake = in making f1 2020 lines
Champagne mX Jack Flash = heatstroke F1 testers available
Jack Frost trade) herer oldskoo? 3 (2) packs
Jack Flash m x Blue Dream =DreamJacked f1 (OUT)
Jack Flash mx Rad Cookie = RadFlash f1 testers in stock.
Jack Flash m x BanrHamR F1 G3 = Testers available.

Stellar Haze =Headband m x Nebula: gen 2 bx (Out) Being revived.
Qrazy Train m x Blue Dream =Qrazy dreams : limmited.
Gum In Hair = GSC v2 x Headband TGS original. * limmited*
Rad boogers= BanrHamR f1x Radcookie/aka Hulk Snot = limited* TGS gen2
Rad Cookies= Bruce Banner x GSC bx = (4) packs
Silver Skunk Piss = Cat piss cross + auto m S skunk bx gen 2 (35+
Sensi Star m x Blue Dream F1 : In stock 5 (2) packs available.
Quazy train mx Blue Cheese gen2 = Queezey : 1 (6) pack left.
LocoMotion Subcool cut, colad bx f2 High yield=Out until 2023.
Larry Og + Kush x Grand daddy Purp f x Kimbo Kush = Street Fighter Og out
Kimbo Kush ( 1 pack left.
Og 18 - Socal Heirlooms? (5trade
Pinkman x Purple Panty dropper,(trade):OUT
Jesus Og x Alien Chem dawg(trade) :fb trade) 1 (7) pack
Alien Og x Alien Chem f1 :(trade) 9)In stock
Armageddon x Sour Skittles m from Doggies Nutz = Real deal.(4)
ZSkittles = From WSS 1 breeder pack ( OUT)

Northern Lights#5 Original = Back in stock.*
jerry Og = Original gen 3, ( OUT)
Jerries Ghost = Jerry Og x Ghost OG = f1-4. limmited supply
Ghost Og mx Great White. : 10+ (12)packs In stock
Grand Daddy purple g2 : Out of stock
G-13. Unknown breeder. Local sourced. Gone
Critical Mass m x Headband = Crying Migraine: picking phenos, mid 2023- setback - lost mother to gopher
Valhalla Kush :fb trade: (0ut)
Black Berry Kush x StrawBerry Cough f1 (trade) (5)
Wookie Cookie m x Wedding Cake f = Chewies Cookies = In the making. ( picking phenos) f-1's in.
Qrazy Train m x Wookie Cookies g2 m= 2 dif phenos. f1 tester avail, second generation.
Qrazy Train x TGS style Wedding Cake = WedQuake =Coming soon.
Quirkle's cousin? = Subcool pack that lacked quirkles distinct flavor. (out)
Qrazy Train f x Lavender m =TGS exclusive testers fresh out*
Red OG = bigsurr Orgins limmited
Grape Stomper x Cookies N Creme m= TGS Grookies & Creme *OUT
lost mother* RARE if u see it.
Purple Afghani mx Grape Stomper = Afgrapez 5star* (1x) 6packs
Penutbutter Scoobie Snacks. =* FB trade. (0ut)
Platinum OG x Fire Og = Locally Acquired. (7)
Purple Punch x Cuvee = Smoosh . 5 phenos to choose from. ( 100+ )
Pine Sol = LSD x Spice of Life = TGS original * V .8 % sativa dom hybrid. only 2 packs available.
Kimbo Kush = Plat Blackberry x Star Fighter !! (FB trade) gone)
Glookies n creme gen2 bx TGS style ( in the making ) gen 1: *EXTINCT
mother flowered.
Lemon sour D gen2 = in stock 40+
Grape Stomper. = legit 2 seasons,grown out. SOLD OUT*
Hulks Hammered xGG4 x GSC forum x Cookies & Creme m: OUT_____
* TGS style Wedding Cake : SOLD OUT ( In need of Pollen from previous clients) UPDATE 6-3 Pollen obtained Working on selecting a new mother. BX should be ready fall 2019. Top priority.

Road Kill skunk
Mac 1
Tue Madre
Searching for Space Dude Pollen.
And a exceptional pheno of Sub Cool's Purple Cuvee. - 2021 FOUND.
Platinum Og Kush - Found 2022
Pre 91 Bubhbba = Found Locally
Tahoe OG pre 2k.
RedEye Jedi
Wedding Crashers
Alien Star fighter BX

Thanks for browsing, Sincerely

The Green Stash, staff.

License #: 011348-14732CA

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Ide recommend TGS!!!!!!!

Everything went great,fast shipping.

Tracking included!

Quality at a price for anyone!

Amazing and varied genetics that took years to develope...for any Climate.A well thought out selection!


Great vendor.

Always helpful and patient with my many questions!

Someone l respect and was an over all pleasant experience!!!!All be back!!!

Louis about listing Pinky's Cup Cakes v2 3 months ago.

Excellent, very happy with purchase, and customer service, took very good care of me.

Will be dealing with green stash again

Stephen about listing Smoosh N greme 9 months ago.

Green Stash Seeds is a very trustworthy and professional seed collective. Between the amazing versatility in the catalog and their outstanding generosity, I shall always be a repeat customer.

KADE about listing Great White Ghost 1 years ago.
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