Hillbilly Skunk Farms

Hillbilly Skunk Farms

High potency Delta nine regular and CBD Hemp farm. We cultivate and breed all chemotypes (regular /CBD) in it's full glory here in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. We have over 30 years of real cultivation and horticultural experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in growing adaptive, affordable seed from a variety of different sources. We offer what we feel are the best and high CBD (hemp) cultivars and regular . Our terpene rich selections do well in the short but sweet Vermont growing season. Our varieties have been grown successfully worldwide. Some examples are countries including Czech Republic, Italy, Puerto Rico, UK, and Canada, Colombia and Australia!!!
We sell packs of seed at 12 count. Please add $5.00 for 3 day shipping which includes tracking.

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Hillbilly Skunk Farms Rocks!!! Stellar Genetics, with Fast shipping. Growing out Hillbilly Skunk now. Stanky plants. Thanks

NorthnNuggs about listing Dutch Passion Shaman XX Femininized 5 months ago.

My second time doing business with this seller. Great customer service and mature seed stock. Thanks again Hillbilly Skunk Farms.

Very good communication. Will recommend him

Hillbilly Skunk Farms